MPDX Quick Reference Guide: The Contacts Tab

The Contacts Tab

To do a search for a specific contact, click and start typing a name in the Search Contacts box.
Three Contact Views

There are three ways to view your list of contacts: List View, Flows View, and Map View. 
NOTE: The default view of Contacts in MPDX is whichever contact view you last accessed. But you can switch between views at any time.

List View: This view is helpful for seeing a filtered list of your contacts, editing contacts in bulk, and preparing mailing lists.

Flows View: This view is helpful for creating a visual of your contacts by status type (i.e. Contact for Appointment, Partner - Prayer, Partner - Financial, Ask in Future, etc.) and moving contacts through an MPDⓇ “workflow.”

Map View: This view is helpful for creating a visual of contacts who live in a particular city, region or metro area. This can be useful when planning an MPDⓇ trip to connect with ministry partners.

Applying Filters and Tags

To see the Contacts Filters menu, click the icon in the top left corner to expand the collapsed Filters menu.

When the Filters menu is expanded you will see options to filter by Tags, Status, Contact Location and Gift Details.

Click “See More Filters” for the full menu.

Choose options from the dropdown menus to apply the desired Filter(s) (i.e. Status: Partner - Financial) and generate a list of contacts who fit your search criteria.

Click on Clear All to start over or Save to save multiple applied filters.

Click on one or more Tags to filter your full Contact list and show only the contacts with the selected tag(s).

You can edit contacts in bulk by clicking the checkbox in the top left corner to Select All contacts listed. Use Filters (as outlined above) to see a specific list of your contacts. Click to deselect a selected contact. Click again to reselect a contact that has been deselected.

Contacts: Individuals 

Click on a Contact Name to view and edit their record.

The MPDX Quick Reference Guide: A Contact’s Page gives an overview of the information you can view within a Contact’s page