Create, Edit, and Log Tasks

Create or Log a Task From Any Page

  • On the top right of any page, click on the +Add button.
  • Then choose Add Task or Log Task.

Add and log Tasks from the  DashboardTasks Page, and Contacts Page.

Dashboard: Add and Log Tasks

  • Under the bar graph, in the Connect box, click on the Add a New Task button.

Dashboard: Add a New Task

  • Fill in the Task Name, i.e., Send Out Prayer Letter.
  • Select an Action type, i.e., Newsletter - Email.
  • Select a Due Date and Time (required for notification).
  • Add Contacts, if applicable, and this task will be added to each selected contact(s).
  • Add Tags, if applicable, and this task will be added to every contact with this tag.
  • Set a Notification time in minutes or hours (required to be notified).
  • When finished, click on the Save button.

Dashboard: Log a Newsletter

  • In the Care box, click on Actions and then choose Log Newsletter.

  • Fill in the Subject, i.e. Monthly Newsletter.
  • Click the radio button to select an Action type, i.e., Newsletter - Physical.
  • Select the Completed On Date and the Default Time is 12:00 PM; Select the time of your choosing.
  • Add Comments to clarify this task.
  • Click the Save button when finished.

Tasks: Add, Log, Edit, and Delete

  • From the main navigation bar, click on Tasks.

  • Search Tasks by a contact name or task type.
  • Select multiple tasks to edit or delete them in bulk.
  • Click on the Add Task button to create a new task.
  • Click on the Log Task button to add a completed task.

Add Task

  • Go to the Tasks page and click on the Add Task button.

  • Fill out Task Name, Action, Due Date and TimeNotify Me, and Comments.
  • Then click the Save button.
To receive task notifications, go to  Connect Services - External Services for instructions.

Log Task

  • From the Tasks page, click on the Log Task button.

  • Fill out the Subject, select an Action, add the date Completed On, and add a Comment.
  • Verify the information, the click the Save button.

Tasks: Edit Tasks

  • Click on the Task Title.

  • Add a Notification in minutes or hours.
  • Click the Save button.

Tasks: Delete Tasks

  • Click on the Checkbox on the left of one Task.
  • Hover your mouse to the right of the star icon.
  • Click the red Trash icon.

  • Click on Multiple Tasks.
  • Click on the Actions button.
  • Select Delete Tasks.

Tasks: Using Filters

To find specific types of tasks, choose any of the filters you see to the left.

  • Click on Actions
  • Then click in the Space Below Actions to bring up a list of options.
  • Select an Action Type, i.e., Thank.
  • A list of these specific tasks (Thank) will be displayed.

Contacts: Add or Log Tasks

  • From the navigation bar, click on Contacts.
  • Select a contact by clicking on the Contact Name.

People: Add or Log Tasks

  • To the right of the contact name, click on the Add Task or Log Task buttons.
  • Or click on the Tasks Tab and then click the Add Task or Log Task buttons below.
  • Follow the same steps for adding and logging tasks as explained above.

Note: You can add or log tasks for specific applications by clicking on  Connect Services, and under External Services, look for connecting MailChimp, PrayerLetter or Chalkline to your MPDX.

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