Add, Remove or Edit a Tag

Adding Tags

When creating tags in MPDX, you have 2 options: add to a single contact or multiple contacts.

Add Tags for a Single Contact

  • In the contact Search Bar, type the last name of the contact and click on the name.

  • Scroll down to the Details tab of contact you selected.
  • Under the Communication section are Tags
  • Click on Add a tag and type the tag name, and then press enter.

After you press enter, the Tag will appear in Blue

Add Tags for Multiple Contacts
  • Click once to highlight the Contacts to whom you want to add the same Tag (note the blue check box next to each contact name)
    • The number selected will appear next to the Select button, i.e. 2 Selected.
  • Click on the Actions button, then Add Tags.

  • You can Choose an Existing Tag by clicking on the tags listed. 
  • Create New Tags by typing the tag name in the Add a Tag box.
  • Add multiple tags by typing the name and hitting the Enter  key
  • When finished, click Save.

  • After you add new tags, they will show up in the Contacts Tag List.

Removing Tags

Removing Tags From an Individual Contact

  • From Contacts page, click on the Name (hyperlink) from whom you want to remove a tag.

  • Scroll down to the Communications section of the selected contact (Jonathan and Martha Kent)
  • Locate the Tag you want to remove and click on the X to the right

Removing Tags from Multiple Contacts

  • Select the Contacts from whom you want to remove tags (highlighted in gray).
  • Note the Number of Selected contacts in blue at the top left.
  • Click on Actions.
  • Select Remove Tag.

  • Click on the Name of the Tag you want to remove.

  • MPDX will ask you to Confirm the tag you want to remove.
  • Verify the tag and click Yes.

Deleting Tags

Unlike removing a tag from an individual contact or multiple contacts, deleting a tag from MPDX is permanent and will be removed from all contacts.

  • From the Contacts page, locate Tags section.
  • Click on the X next to the Tag Name you wish to remove.
  • The Deleted Tag will be removed from all contacts who had the tag.

Edit or Rename a Tag

To edit a tag name, you will actually add a new tag and then remove the old tag.

  • On the left, under the Tags Section, click on the Tag Name you want to edit.
  • Click on Select button.
  • Then click on Select All 14 Contacts (all contacts that have the tag).

The 14 Selected next to the Select button corresponds with the Tag highlighted on the left.

  • Click on the Actions button.
  • Select Add Tags.

  • Create a New Tag, i.e., 2018 Baby Announcement, by typing in the Add a tag space.
  • After typing the new tag name, press enter and click on Save.

  • To delete the Old Tag i.e., 2015 baby announcement by clicking the X to the right.
  • Click on the red Delete Tag button to remove it.