Deleting and Hiding Contacts

Deleting Contacts

Deleting Contacts in MPDX is not possible because of the Connect Services MPDX offers to sync your Contacts with Google, MailChimp, and other prayer letter services. The deletion of any Contact would simply be undone each time those accounts sync.

The solution is to hide a contact instead.

Hiding Contacts

You can hide a single contact or multiple contacts from the Contact page.

Hiding a Single Contact

  • From the Contacts page, find the name of the contact you wish to hide
  • Hover your mouse over the contact; the Hide icon will become visible.
  • On the right, click on the Hide icon.

Hiding Multiple Contacts

  • Click the Contact Name once to highlight the contacts you wish to hide.
    • They will be highlighted in light blue.
    • The Checkbox to the left of the name will be a solid dark blue.
  • The number of Selected Contacts will be listed in white next to the Select button.
  • On the top right, click on the Actions button and select Hide Contacts.

Hiding Contacts From the Individual View

  • From the Contacts page, click on the Contact Name you want to hide.

  • From the individual view, click on the Hide Contact button.

  • Click Yes to confirm hiding this contact.

Note: Hiding Contacts using the Hide Contact buttons will be set to "Never Ask.

Hidden Statuses

You can also hide a contact by one of the following hidden statuses:

  • Not interested, Unresponsive, Never Ask, Research Abandoned, and Expired Referral. 
  • These statuses will hide contacts from the "active" list and put them on the "hidden" list.


Hide Contacts by Status

  • Highlight the contacts whose you want to update their status (highlighted in light blue).
    • Note the solid blue checkbox next to their name.
  • Click on Actions and then Edit Fields.

  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of Status.
  • Select any of the Hidden Status types.
  • Click Save.

Hide Contacts by Status for Individuals

  • From the contacts page, click on the contact name.
  • On the left of the individual contact, locate Status, i.e. Partner - Financial.
  • Click the Drop-down Arrow and scroll down to the hidden statuses.
  • Click on the Hidden Status of choice and it will be saved for this contact.

Note: You can filter on any of the above statuses to get a list of contacts with any of the "hidden" statuses.

UnHiding Contacts

It's possible to unhide contacts once they've been hidden. From the Contacts page:

  • Scroll down to Filters (on the left) and click the Dropdown next to Status.
  • Click on Select Some Options and then click on All Hidden.
  • All hidden contacts will be displayed.

  • Next, select the Contacts you want to remove from hidden status.
  • Those contacts will be highlighted in light blue with a dark blue checkbox next to their name.
  • Click Actions and then select Edit Fields.

  • Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Status.
  • Select one of the Active Statuses, and then click on the Save button.