Getting Started with MPDX Mobile

Getting Started Quick Links

Downloading and Setting Up MPDX Mobile

  • First Option: Go the Apple App Store and search for MPDX.

  • Second Option: Go to Google Play Apps for Android and search for MPDX.

The MPDX App should have Cru as the company.
  • Tap on Get, Update, or Install. The app is free.

  • Locate the MPDX App on your tablet or phone.
  • Tap on the MPDX icon to open the app.

Initial Login Into the MPDX Mobile

  • Enter the initial Setup Email Address and Password you created for MPDX.
  • Then tap the blue Sign In button.
    • If you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled on your Key account, MPDX will then ask for it here.

  • Next, tap the blue Authorize button to continue the login process.

Setup Fingerprint Verification

  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the Get Started button.

Create an Unlock Code

  • Tap the screen and enter in a 4-Digit Unlock Code.

  • Tap the screen again and enter the Same 4-Digit Unlock Code to confirm.

  • MPDX Mobile is now loading your Account.
  • Note the Progress Bar at the bottom.

If this process does not seem to be moving, or if it takes more than 5 minutes, please let us know and send an email at

MPDX Mobile Settings

  • Tap on the Gear icon to view the Settings screen.

Switch Accounts

  • Under Account List is the staff account connected to MPDX, i.e., Peter Parker | Staff Account.
  • Tap the Blank Space beside the current account.
  • Tap on the Account and then tap Done.

Task Notifications

  • Task Due can be enable by swiping the Toggle Button to the right.
    • Green = On Task Due notifications
    • Swipe left to Turn Off Task Due notifications.

Log Off

  • Tap on Logout, i.e., Clark Kent (see above).

  • You'll be prompted to Logout by tapping on Yes.
  • Or tap on Cancel to go back to the Settings screen.

MPDX Mobile Tech Support

  • An Email will be generated to
  • MPDX Mobile will auto-fill Your Primary Email Address.
  • Fill in the Subject so the support team can better assist you.