Discover MPDX Mobile Donations

Donation Quick Links

Tap on the Donations Menu icon.

  • If you see this screen, pull down to Refresh Donations.

Current Month Donations

  • The Month tab is the default, i.e., August 2018.
  • Tap the Left Arrow to view Previous Month's donations.
  • Or top the Right Arrow to view Next Month's donations.

Previous Month Donations

  • Tap on the Month tab.
  • Then tap on the Back Arrow to see Previous Month's donations, i.e., June 2018.

Current Year Donations

  • Tap on the Year tab to see the Current Year's donations.
  • Tap the Left Arrow to view Previous Year's donations.
  • Or top the Right Arrow to view Next Month's donations.

Adding Donations

  • Tap on the + Sign (top right).

  • Tap on Partner Account and select the correct Contact Name.
  • Tap Back (top left) to Save and Continue.

  • Tap Designation Account to pick the correct staff or offline account.
  • Tap Back to Save and Continue.

  • Tap Currency Type and select the correct currency for this donor.
  • Tap Add Donation to Save and Continue.

  • Tap Appeals and select the primary appeal applicable for this contact.
  • Tap Add Donation to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on Date and select a date on the calendar to add the Donation Date.
  • Tap on Back to Save and Continue.

  • Review the new donation and tap Save.

Editing Existing Donations

  • Tap on an Existing Donation to edit.

  • Tap on any Donation Field to update.
  • Then tap on Save.