Tackle MPDX Mobile Tasks

Tasks Quick Links

Tap the Task Menu icon.

Current Tasks

After you tap the Tasks Menu:

  • Current Tasks are listed by default.
  • Overdue Tasks are listed at the top.
  • Tap on View All to see all overdue tasks.

  • Swipe up to view more Overdue Tasks.
  • Tap on any task to view the Task Details.

Task History

From the Tasks page:

  • Tap on Task History to see the Completed Date and Time of any task.
  • Swipe up to see more Completed Tasks.

Common Task Types

Below are examples of common task types.

Thank Task
  • At the top center is the Contact Name for this task.
  • At the top right, tap Edit to make changes to this task.
  • Tap on Delete to remove this task and Complete to archive it. 
  • Next are the Due Date and Time, Tags, and Comments.
  • Click the Add a Comment + button to record notes for this task.

Appointment Task
  • An Appointment Task is similar to the thank task (above).
  • Listed are All Tasks for this contact. 

Call Task
  • Tap on Edit to make changes to a call task, i.e., add a tag.
  • Tap the Delete icon to remove the call task.
  • Tap Call Task Completed and you will be prompted to create a follow-up task.
    • See Auto Task Logging below.
  • Tap Add a Comment to enter notes from the phone call to this call task.

Email Task

This task is the same as the other tasks but has an interactive feature.

  • Tap Edit (top right) to make changes to this email task.
  • Tap on the Email icon to compose an email to this contact.

  • Tap the Email Address, i.e., prince@cru.org of your choice.

  • MPDX will auto-fill the Contact Email, Your Primary Email, and the Subject.

Log a Task

  • Tap on the + Sign on the top right of the tasks page.

  • Tap on Log Task.

  • All the Log Task Fields are blank.
  • The Completed Date and Time are filled in automatically.

  • Tap Task Name Field and type in a name, i.e., Monthly Newsletter.

  • Next tap on the Newsletter Type Field.

  • Select a Newsletter Type, i.e., Newsletter - Physical.
  • Tap Log Task to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on the Tags Field.

  • Tap on an the + Sign (top right) to Create a New Tag.

  • Tap in the Add a Tag Field and type in a New Tag Name, i.e., Financial Donors.
  • Then tap Okay.

  • Tap on the Financial Donors tag.
  • Then tap Log Task to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on the Result Field and select Done.

  • Tap on Add to save and archive this task.

Note: You can add a Log Task from any screen on the MPDX Mobile App.

Auto Task Logging

After you mark a task completed:

  • MPDX mobile prompts you to set up a Next Actions Task.
  • Note the Log Task on the top left.

  • Tap on an Action Type, i.e., Email.

Follow the prompts for this Follow-up Task, like adding a new task (see below).

Create a New Task

  • Tap on the + Sign on the top right of the tasks page.

  • Tap on New Task.

  • Tap each New Task Field to add Task Subject, Task Details, and Due Date.

  • Tap Task Name Field and type in a name, i.e., Communication.

  • Next tap on the Newsletter Type Field.

  • Tap New Task (top left) to Save and Continue for EVERY field.

  • Tap on the Tags Field.
  • Select an Existing Tag, i.e., Increase Giving.

  • Tap on the Date Field or Time Field.
  • Swipe up to set the Date and Time this task is due.

  • Tap on the Alert field and swipe up to set the Alert Time, i.e., 15 minutes before.

  • Tap on Add (top right) to save this task.

Note: You can add a New Task from any screen on the MPDX Mobile App.

Tasks: View, Edit and Delete

You can edit or delete tasks and add comments tasks before marking them completed.

Editing Tasks
  • From an Existing Task, tap on Edit (top right)

Tap on any task field to edit the task.

Deleting Tasks
  • Tap on an Existing Task.

  • Tap on the Delete icon.

  • Tap on Yes to permanently delete this task.

Filtering on Tasks

Tap on Current Tasks or Task History and click the Filter icon.

  • Then tap on the Task Type, i.e., Call.
  • Tap on Apply.

  • The Applied Filter (top left) shows a 1 in a gold circle.
  • Current Tasks have only Call Tasks listed.