MPDX Mobile Dashboard

Dashboard Main Screen

  • Tap on the Dashboard Menu icon on the bottom of the screen.

From the main screen of the Dashboard, you can:

  • Connect to your donors, monitor your Commitments, and provide partner Care with a personal touch.


  • The Connect tab is displayed by default.
  • Tap on any of the Overdue or Due Today Tasks for details.
  • Tap on the See All Bar, i.e., See all 21, to view all tasks at once.

Care and Commitments

Tap on the Care and Commitments tab to view:

  • Commitments Unfulfilled - first gifts not received or partners who are late by 30 to 60 days.
  • Care - number of days since you Sent Your Last Newsletter, as well as donor Birthdays and Anniversaries for the current week.

Add Tasks, Contacts, and Donations

From the Dashboard page and click the +Sign so you can:

Account Progress and App Navigation

  • At the bottom of the Dashboard is your Account Balance
  • The color-coded Progress Bar displays the percentage of donations Received and Committed.
    • This is based on your Monthly Goal set by your MPD coach.