Conquer MPDX Mobile Contacts

Contacts Quick Links

  • Tap Contacts from the Menu

Contacts Main Screen

  • All of your Active Contacts will be displayed in your Contacts List by default.
  • Tap in the Search field to locate a specific donor.

Add a Contact

  • Tap on the + Sign (top right)
  • Then tap on New Contact.

  • Tap on each Contact Field to add information.
  • You begin on Details by default

  • Tap on the new contact Status Field.
  • Then tap on a Status Type, i.e., Cultivate Relationship.
  • Tap New Contact (top left) to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on the new contact Newsletter Field.
  • Tap on Newsletter Type, i.e., Both.
  • Tap on New Contact to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on the new contact Likely to Give Field.
  • Tap Likely to Give type i.e., Most Likely (note the green check mark to the right).
  • Tap New Contact to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on the new contact Language Field
  • Tap a Language, i.e., Canadian English (note the green check mark to the right).
  • Tap New Contact to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on People to add Add a person
  • Tap Add to Save and Continue.

  • Tap on Addresses to Add Address
  • Tap Add Address and enter the information
  • Tap Add to Save and Continue.

  • Return to new contact Details
  • Verify all fields are populated accurately and tap Add.

Contact Details

  • Tap on a Single Contact name.

Contact Info Tab
  • The Info tab is displayed by default.
  • Members of Household includes spouse and children.
  • Mailing Information and Tags are located at the bottom.

Contact Donations Tab
  • The Donations tab displays the Most Recent Gifts.
  • Tap on View More Donations for more gift information.

Contact Tasks Tab
  • Tap the Task tab to view Active Tasks for this Contact.
  • Tap View Task History to see past or completed tasks.

Tap this link for more information on  Tasks.
Contact Notes Tab
  • On the Notes tab, add any relevant comments about this donor.
    • Add Notes to Tasks instead to track the results.
  • Also, TntConnect Notes are Imported here.

Add a Person to a Contact

  • Tap on People to Add a Person i.e. a spouse or a child to an existing contact.

  • The Edit Contact screen is displayed with the Wife and Husband.
  • Add Person Fields will be located at the bottom, i.e, Child.
  • Fill in all the appropriate fields.
  • Then tap Save (top right).

Contacts Action Bar

From within any contact record:

  • Tap Call to auto-dial the contact's primary phone number.
  • Tap Text to open a new Text Message to this contact.
  • Tap Email and begin an email to the contact's primary email address.
  • Tap on Directions to visit a donor.

  • MPDX opens your default Maps App for directions to this location.
  • Tap Back to MPDX when finished.

Using Filters

Below are examples of using filters.

Filtering by Status, Partner - Financial
  • Tap on the Filter icon (top left).

  • All Filters will be displayed.
  • Tap on a Filter Type, i.e. Status.

  • Under Status, tap on Partner - Financial and a Green Check Mark will appear.
  • Then tap Filter Contacts (top left).

  • After you selected Partner-Financial (above), tap on Filter Contacts.

  • Tap on Apply (top right) set the Partner-Financial status filter.

  • With the Filter Applied, all Partner - Financial Contacts will be displayed.

  • To change or remove a filter, tap on the Applied Filter icon (top left).

  • Tap on the X to the left of a Filter to remove it.

Filtering by City
  • Tap on the Filter icon (top left).

  • Tap on the City Filter.

  • Tap on the City Name, i.e. Orlando, and a Green Checkmark will appear to the right.
  • Then tap on Filter Contacts (top left).