Adding Contacts Manually

Adding a New Contact

  • On the top right, of any MPDX page, click +Add button and then Add Contact.

  • Add Last Name, First Name and Spouse (if applicable) and click Save.

MPDX will jump to the newly created contact.

Adding Contact Details

  • Click on the Details tab below the individuals in your new contact.
  • Then click on the Add Partner Account button to enter the donor ID for this new contact.
  • Your ministry donor management team should have this number.
  • If you ministry does not sync with MPDX, you can add a donor ID.

  • Click on  Add Address button (above) to set the primary mailing address for this contact.
  • Type the Street address and MPDX accesses Google Maps to help you select the correct option and auto-fill the rest of the address fields.

  • Verify the address information and then click the Save button.

Adding Individual Information

  • Click on Add New Person to add another individual to the contact.
  • Then click the Edit link to add personal information to an individual, i.e. Robert Parr.

Contact Info

  • Under Contact Info (default) add Title, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses.
  • Add Phone Number Type and Email Address Type by clicking on the drop down arrow.
  • Verify the information is correct and then click Save.

  • When adding a Birthday, be sure to include the Year.
  • If the year is unknown, add 1900 as a placeholder; the same applies to an anniversary date.
  • For any deceased individuals, click on the checkbox next to Deceased.

Relationships and Work

  • Type in the Occupation and Employer of the individual.
  • Select the Relationship Status by clicking the dropdown arrow, i.e. Married.
  • Select Relationships Type by clicking the dropdown arrow, i.e. Wife.

  • Click the Add Relationship button (above) and click Select Person (below).

Adding a Spouse

  • In the search field, type the first few letters of the spouse's name.
  • Then select the correct Name.
  • Verify you have selected the correct name and click Save.

After you add an individual's Contact Info and Relationships and Work information, it will be displayed on their people card.