Import CSV Files into MPDX

IMPORTANT: Read the following article: Moving from TntConnect to MPDX before you import your TntConnect database.

Importing From a CSV File into MPDX;

To import contact information it into MPDX, it must be saved as .csv file.

  • Open your Spreadsheet in Excel (or other spreadsheet program)
  • Click File, Save As, and choose CSV as the file type or save as type.

Organizing Your Spreadsheet

  • Add a header row, one for each column (i.e., First Name, Last Name, Spouse Name, Street Address, City, State, Husband phone number, Wife phone number, Husband email address, Wife email address.
  • Add other headers such as Commitment Amount, Commitment Frequency, Church.
Note: Use these specific headers to correctly assign the data to MPDX designations. Read the article: Field Names For CSV Imports.

Uploading Your CSV File

  • Log into MPDX (
  • Go to Tools page and click on Import from CSV.

Step 1: Upload Your CSV File

  • Click Select CSV file then locate the file CSV file on your computer.

  • Once you've found your file click Open.

Note: The max file size of a CSV is 500MB. If your CSV file is larger or you are in need of assistance, email with your CSV file attached.

Step2: Map Your Headers

  • Choose the MPDX Destination Field that best matches with Your CSV Headers field (i.e., First Name to First Name).
  • Scroll down and do this for each of your CSV headers.

  • At the very bottom, locate the Next button.
  • Or click Back if necessary.;
Note: The Next and Back buttons will be at the bottom of each screen during the import process.

Step 3: Map Your Values

Values for some fields in MPDX might be different from the values in your CSV. For example, you might have a column called “supporter” in your CSV file. In MPDX, that field needs to be called Partner- Financial.

  • Select MPDX Values that best match Your CSV Value, i.e. Newsletter - Both to Both
  • Do this for both Newsletter and Status.
  • Click Next to proceed to the next step.
Note: This step will be skipped automatically if MPDX requires more information to match the fields.

Step 4: Review Your Import

You can preview your import to make sure the field names are mapped correctly.

  • Add a Tag for this CSV import, i.e. CSV Import.
  • Review each field and verify the information is correct.

  • Click the Back button to make changes.
  • Click the Checkbox: “I accept that this import cannot be undone” 
  • Then click on Import.

Note: Typically, the CSV data will populate MPDX quickly, however, it may take up to 24 hours for the import to finish. You will receive an email when your import is complete. 

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