Contacts List View

Contacts List View

The “List” View of contacts is simply that, a list of all of your “Contacts,” or ministry partners, entered into MPDX. This view can help you:

  • See a full list of your “Active” Contacts
  • See a full list of your Contacts: “Active” and “Hidden”
  • Edit your ministry Contacts in Bulk with the “Actions” dropdown menu to
    • Create, prepare, or maintain Newsletter lists 
    • Create, prepare, or maintain contact lists for Exports 
    • Create Tasks

Understanding What You See:

NOTE: The default view of Contacts in MPDX is whoever contact view you last accessed. But you can switch between views at any time.

The List view without any filters applied will pull up an infinite scroll list of “All – Active” contacts in MPDX. This means all contacts with the statuses: Appointment Scheduled, Ask In Future, Call For Decision, Contact For Appointment, Cultivate Relationship, Never Contacted, Partner - Financial, Partner - Pray, Partner - Special and with no status selected. 

NOTE: You can see “Hidden” contacts by unhiding the Filters menu, visiting the “Status” dropdown menu and selecting “All - Hidden.” This will include all contacts with the statuses: Expired Referral, Never Ask, Not Interested, Research Abandoned, and Unresponsive.

The List view with filters applied will pull up an infinite scroll list of the selected subset of your ministry contacts. 

To see information for a specific contact, click on that contact’s name. Their page should slide from the right of the screen. The MPDX Quick Reference Guide: A Contact’s Page article shares more information about what can be found in this pop-up view of a contact. To close the individual’s contact page use the “x” in the top right corner of the box.