Contacts Map View

Contacts Map View

Mapping contacts, or the “Map View” of contacts is a helpful way to create a visual of contacts who live in a particular city, state, country, metro area or region. This action can help you:

  • Plan an MPDⓇ trip to connect with ministry partners
  • See where in the world your ministry partners live and understand the geographical layout of your ministry team 
  • See which ministry partners may live close enough to join a location-specific ministry opportunity (for example, a conference). 

NOTE: Before you are able to fully use this view, you will need to make sure to update contacts with a current Address. To do this, visit A Contact’s Page, go to the “Contact Details” tab, then scroll down and click “Add Address.” Remember to “Save” any changes and indicate which address is Primary.

Understanding What You See:

The Map view without any filters applied will pull up a world map showing the distribution of your contacts by continent, country, etc.

The Map view with filters applied will pull up an area-specific map showing the distribution of where your contacts live in a particular city, region, or metro area. To understand how to apply filters, continue reading.