Contacts Flows View

Contacts Flows View

Setting up the Flows View

  • Step One: Go to the Contacts view and click on the Flows icon (see screenshot below).

  • Step Two: Go to View Settings right above the first column and click that button.
  • Step Three: Click the title bar at the top of the first column and enter “Contact for Appointment.” You can click and type to rename each title bar.
  • Step Four: Drag the “Contact for Appointment” tile from the Unused Statuses column (you may need to scroll right to see it) into the "Contact for Appointment" column. You can click and drag each status to the desired column.
  • Step Five: Repeat steps three and four for each of the following columns: Potential Partners (which can include both the “Appointment Scheduled” and “Call for Decision” statuses), Financial Partners, Special Partners and Prayer Partners (see screenshot below).

  • Step Six: Click the Contacts button to return to the Flows view and confirm that you have your contacts listed in the “Contact for Appointment” column.

Using the Flows View

This view allows you to drag and drop contacts from one phase of the MPD process to another very easily (see screenshot below).  MPDX will even prompt you at times to record a task to help remind you of what the next step is for that particular partner.  For those people who partner with you financially, you can also quickly and easily record their commitment info from this view as well so you can see God’s faithfulness in reaching your monthly goal.

Once you move a contact into the Monthly or Special Partner columns, do the following steps to record their donation commitment:

  • Step One: Click on the Contact Name hyperlink (a contact record tile should slide out from the right of the screen).
  • Step Two: Scroll down the Contact record until you see the Commitment field.
  • Step Three: Enter the commitment amount.
  • Step Four: Enter the frequency of the commitment (Monthly, Annual) in the Frequency field.