Multi-Currency Donation Reports

Expected Monthly Total

This report is broken down into 3 categories:

Donations So Far This Month

This report contains all the donations given so far for the current month.

Likely Partners This Month

This report projects the donations still likely to be given for the current month.

Possible Partners

This report projects possible donations for partners whose giving is inconsistent. For example, partners who have missed a few months, or give on a recurring basis that doesn't match with the current month (i.e., quarterly or annual donations).



Balances By Organization

This report give you the balances for each organization through which donations are given, i.e., Cru USA or Agape UK.

  • Under the Reports page, click on the Balances link.
  • This report gives you the name of each Organization, their Designation, Balance, Exchange Rate, and Converted Balance.
  • All organizations are included by default. Simply uncheck the box under Include in Report to hide the organizations you do not wish to view.
Note: Organizations listed in these reports are determined by the accounts added under Settings | Connect Services | Organization.


Contributions By Partner Currency

This report groups donations by currency type for the fiscal year. Totals are calculated for each partner.

  • To view each currency report, click on Currency Type on the legend bar at the top.
  • Scroll down to view each currency report.


Contributions by Salary Currency

This report calculates donations by currency type and converts them to the currency in which you are paid (daily conversion rate, rounded) for the fiscal year.

  • Under the Reports page, click on the Contributions by Salary Currency link.
Note: Monthly donations and yearly totals are calculated and converted for each partner.