Multi-Currency Tour

Multiple Currencies From the Dashboard

  • Balance: Each currency type is totalled and converted into the currency by which you are paid.
  • Commitment: Financial commitments in multiple currencies and are converted into the currency by which you are paid.
  • Legend: Each currency type is represented by a different color.
  • Bar Graph: Monthly donation totals are displayed in the corresponding color for each currency type.

Multiple Currencies From Contacts

  • Go to the Contacts page and click on a contact name, i.e., Flintstone, Fred and Wilma.
  • By default, the Contact People Card (light blue) is displayed.
  • Below the name and to the right is the Currency type.

Editing the Currency Type For Individuals

  • From people card of the individual contact, Locate the Currency Field.
  • Click in the Search Field and type the first few letters, i.e., AU
  • Click on the Currency Type, i.e., AUD.
  • MPDX will automatically save your selection.

Note:The currency type, for each Contact, will be set by their initial donation. However, this can modified any time, if necessary.

Editing the Currency Type For Multiple Contacts

  • From the Contacts page, Select the contacts for whom the currency type should be changed.
    • Selected contacts are highlighted in light blue with a Dark Blue Checkbox next to their name.
    • Note the Number of Selected contacts next to the Select button. 
  • Click on Actions and then select Edit Fields

  • Locate the Commitment Currency field.
  • Click on the Drop-down Arrow and type the Currency Abbreviation, i.e., AUD.
  • Select the Currency Type and click Save.

Reports: Multiple Currencies

MPDX generates contribution reports in multiple currencies, if applicable. 

  • From the Reports page, the default screen is Donations
  • In the Bar Graph, each currency type corresponds with a specific color in the Legend.  

  • Beneath the bar graph are the Donations for the Current Month
  • The Currency Type of each gift is listed in the Amount column.

Note: Scroll to the bottom of the current month's Donations to see the Donation Totals by currency.