Multi-Currency MPDX accounts, new users

Adding Multiple Accounts while creating an MPDX Account

To create an account in MPDX, first go to

From there, create a new Key account.

Once you have entered in all of the required information, click continue and look for an email to come through to verify your new account. Following the link in the email will bring you to this page:


Look through the dropdown list to find one of the multiple organizations you need to connect your account to.


Click "Connect" once you have selected the correct ministry.


You will need to know the username and password associated with that organization's account in order to actually connect to it. If you do not know this information, you will have to contact your organization to find out what the username and password are.


Once you have connected to one organization's account, repeat these steps to connect to the donations accounts you need for other countries.


If your organization is not in MPDX yet, click on the "Don't see your organization here?" link.

setup---mpdx 9

Once you have finished adding accounts, hit "That's all for now."

setup---mpdx 10

The system will ask you a few more questions to finish setting up your account. Now it's time to start learning how to use all of the useful features in MPDX!