Moving from TntConnect to MPDX

Below are step by step instructions to make your transition from TNTConnect to MPDX as smooth as possible.

How do to get started with MPDX?

  • Go to and sign in with Relay or the Key. 

Do I need to do anything in TntConnect before I move it over?

You have the option of: 

  • Importing your entire TntConnect database as is and then use the clean up tools in MPDX. 
  • Performing data cleanup on your TNtConnect database prior to importing it into MPDX.

How Do I Move My TntConnect Database into MPDX?

If I previously imported my TntConnect database into MPDX, do I need to start over?

There is no need start over, however, you can import your TntConnect database into MPDX again. 

  • From the Tools menu, click on the Import from TntConnect
  • Choose the option: This import should override all fields in current contacts
  • After the import is completed, your most recent TntConnect data will appear in MPDX.

What Information Moves Over from TntConnect?

The following information from your TNTConnect database will be transferred into MPDX: 

  • Donors, addresses emails, phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, social connections, and  employment information. 
  • In addition, tasks, task history, notes on tasks, contact notes, and appeals are transferred as well. 
  • TntConnect User Groups and User Fields are created as Tags in MPDX. 

The following information will note be transferred:

  • Pictures uploaded to TntConnect do not migrate into MPDX
  • You can add pictures manually.
Note: You can import additional donor contact information from  Google Contacts and  CSV Files.    

What to Expect After a TNTConnect Import into MPDX

 After your TNTConnect database has been imported into MPDX,  Fixing Your Data may be required.  

  • Under the Tools menu, you can perform data cleanup on mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, commitment info, send newsletter, and correct duplicates with merge people or merge contacts.

A Different Number of Contacts in MPDX than in TntConnect

When you import your TntConnect database, you will not have the same number of active contacts. 

MPDX hides contacts with with the following inactive statuses:

  • Not Interested, Unresponsive, Never Ask, Research Abandoned, and Expired Referral
  • You can find the hidden contacts using the filter Status, and then choose All Hidden
  • If you have contacts with any inactive statuses, that should receive prayer letters, you can change those contacts to an active Status, i.e., Partner - Pray
  • Under Contacts, you can filter on any of the inactive statuses and change them individually or update an entire filtered list.
Note: MPDX only syncs once a day with the donation system, so it may take up to 24 hours before you see your contacts.

Connecting Other Tools to MPDX

To make MPDX work for you, Connect Services allows you to connect:

  • Google mail (Gmail), contacts and calendar.
  • Prayerletter, Chalkline, or Mailchimp.