Tags Cleanup After TntConnect Import

If you have a Saved Groups or User Fields in TntConnect, these will show up in MPDX as Tags.

Maintaining Tags in MPDX

Tags are located on top left hand side of the Contacts page, i.e., 2018 Christmas Card

MPDX will display a certain number of tags and then truncate the rest into a link. 

  • You can expand tags list by clicking on the Show All link, i.e. Show all 51 tags.

Short Tags are Good Tags

Short tags are easy to read at a glance, i.e., latin and non-partners. This is most helpful if you have a lot of tags that transferred from TntConnect. Click the Add, Remove, or Edit a Tag link to update your tags list.

Long, Expired, and Location Tags

Tags in your list that are long, expired, and contain a location can be shortened, replaced, or deleted.

  • Expired Tags, i.e. 2017 christmas can be replaced with a generic tag, i.e. Christmas.
    • With the Christmas tag applied, you can filter on Gift Date, i.e. 2017.
  • Location Tags, i.e. Denver, can be filtered on instead.

Click the link to learn more about Filters and Tags.

  • Long Tags are difficult to distinguish, i.e. atlanta-ga-mps-and-potential-contacts can be shortened.

  • New tag option: mps-potentials and then apply a Contact Location filter for the City.

Replacing Tags

Expired tags can be replaced with generic names, i.e., 2017 Christmas to Christmas. Replacing long tags will allow you to easily identify each one.

Replace a Long Tag

  • Identify the tag you want to replace, i.e. group partners-fl-committed-helped-with-eoy-dinner.

  • Click the tag group partners fl committed helped with eoy dinner.
    • The tag acts as a filter to display these contacts only.  

  • Click on Select, and then click on Select All # Contacts, i.e. Select all 14 contacts

  • Click on the Actions button and then click Add Tags.
    • Note the number selected, i.e. 14 Selected

  • Click in the box under Create New Tags.
  • Type in a New Tag Name, i.e. EOY Dinner Help.
  • Then click Save.

  • From the Contacts page, click on both the Old Tag and the New Tag.
    • Note the number of contacts are still the same.

  • Click on the X next to the Old Tag to delete it.

Filters to Replace Tags

For example: location tags are unnecessary. You can filter by Contact Location.

  • You can either filter by City, State  or Country by clicking in the space beneath each one.

  • To apply a location filter, click in the space under City.
  • Scroll down to find and select the city you want, i.e. Denver.
  • Click on the City Name and all contacts within that city will be displayed.