Track an Appeal

If you need information on creating an appeal, click this link: Setup an Appeal for detailed instructions.

Tracking An Appeal

Go to the Tools Tab, and select the appeal you wish to view.

Once within the Appeal, look for the summary of your progress in the shaded blue section. This summary shows the Appeal Name, Total Goal, and a Progress Chart. Appeal Name and Total Goal can be changed by clicking the existing text and typing. The Progress Chart is updated as donations are associated with, or added to, an appeal.

The Progress Chart of the appeal is color-coded:

  • Total Given is shown in gold
  • Total Received is shown in orange
  • Total Pledged, not yet given, is shown in gray
  • Dark Gray indicates the amount that still needs to be raised

List View vs. Flows View

The list of contacts in appeal can be viewed in List View or Flows View. You can toggle between these two views at any time. 

List View

Flows View

Adding and Removing Contacts from an Appeal

You can Add a Contact to an Appeal from within either List View or Flows View.

  • Add Contact - List View:
  • Add Contact - Flows View:

To Remove a Contact from an Appeal click on the Trash icon to the right of their name under the List view. And click “yes” to confirm when prompted.

Removing a contact from an appeal does NOT remove them from MPDX. 

To learn more about Tracking an Appeal using List View, go to this article.
To learn more about Tracking an Appeal using Flows View, go to this article.

Both the List and Flow view organize contacts into the same 5 Categories:

Excluded: a list of contacts intentionally excluded from your appeal. 
Asked: a list of contacts added to your appeal who have not yet committed or given. 
Committed: a list of contacts who have committed but whose gift has not been received.
Received: gifts you have in hand that have not yet been processed by your donation processing system. 
Given: partners whose gifts have been received by your donation processing system.

General details about the categories in List and Flow view:

  • Click on any contact name to view that contact record on the Contacts page.
  • All contacts begin in the Asked category.
  • You can only move contacts to the Excluded category within the Flow view. Do this by clicking the associated contact and dragging them to the Excluded column. This differs from deleting a contact from an appeal, because the contact is still visible within the appeal.
  • You can only delete a contact from an appeal under the List view. Do this by clicking on the Trash icon to the right of their name under the List view. Click “yes” to confirm when prompted. Deleting a contact from an appeal does NOT delete them as a contact from MPDX.
  • If a contact is in the Received category, you can edit the amount and date you received the gift.
    • Under Actions, click on the Edit icon (paper/pen) to the right of a contact name.
    • Update the Amount and Expected Date.
    • Click on the Received Checkbox ONLY if the gift has been given.
    • Click on the Save button.
  • When you add, edit or associate a gift to a contact within an appeal, MPDX will update the donation and move the contact to the appropriate category.
  • When a donation associated with an Appeal is received and processed by donation services, MPDX will move the gift automatically to Given.

Applying a Donation to an Appeal

If you receive a donation not listed under your appeal, you can associate the donation with the appeal.

  • Go to the Reports page (or the Donation tab within a Contact), and scroll down to Donations.
  • Click on the Edit icon (paper/pen).
  • Click on the Select Appeal button.
  • After the Selected Appeal, i.e., 2022 Car Special Ask has been added, click the Save button.

Tracking a Primary Appeal From the Dashboard

The Appeal marked as Primary, will appear on your Dashboard with the total progress to date.

  • Click on the Appeal to view the details.