Track an Appeal

If you need information on creating an appeal, click this link: Setup an Appeal for detailed instructions.

Tracking Your MPDX Appeal

Below is a summary of an appeal and its status, as well as details of each phase.

  • On the top left is the Appeal Name.
  • In the middle is the amount Given So Far and the Total Goal of the appeal.
  • On the top right are the Add Tag and Add Task tools.
  • Click on the Given, Received, Committed, and Asked tabs for appeal details.
  • By default, a list of Not Yet Committed contacts and their regular giving are displayed.

Appeal - Asked

Under the Asked tab is a list of contacts added to your appeal who have Not Yet Committed or given.

  • If your contact gives regularly, you will see their commitment amount, currency, and gift frequency.
  • Click on any contact name to view that contact record on the Contacts page.

  • To remove a contact from an appeal, click on the Red Trash icon to the right of their name.

Appeal - Committed

The Committed tab shows a list contacts who have committed but whose gift has not been received.

This view shows the contact names, amount committed towards the appeal, as well as the date expected to receive the commitment.

  • To remove the commitment from an appeal, click on the Red Trash icon to the right of the contact.

Note: This will delete the commitment and move that contact back to the Not Yet Given to Appeal status.
Add a Commitment
  • Click the Green+ to the right of the contact for whom you want to add a commitment.

  • Add the Amount and Date Expected.
  • Click on the Received Checkbox ONLY if the gift has been given.
  • Click on the Save button.

Edit a Commitment
  • Under Actions, click on the Edit icon (paper/pen) to the right of a contact name.

  • Update the Amount and Date Expected.
  • Click on the Received Checkbox ONLY if the gift has been given.
  • Click on the Save button.

Appeal - Received

If you receive the commitment from a contact and it has not been processed, you can mark the commitment as received.

  • Click on the Committed tab.

  • To the right of the contact name, under Actions, click on the Edit icon (paper/pen).

  • Update the Expected Date to the day the commitment was received.
  • Click the Received Checkbox.
  • Click the Save button.

Note: The edited commitment for that specific contact will now be located under the Received tab.

Appeal - Given

  • Click the Given tab, to view the donation amount and date of each Contact who have given so far.

Applying the Appeal to a Donation

If you receive a donation not listed under your appeal, you can apply the appeal to a donation.

  • Go to the Reports page and scroll down to Donations.
  • Click on the Edit icon (paper/pen).

  • Click on the Select Appeal button.

  • After the Selected Appeal, i.e., 2017 New Car has been added, click the Save button.

Tracking a Primary Appeal From the Dashboard

The Appeal marked as Primary, will appear on your Dashboard with the total progress to date.

  • Click on the Primary Appeal to view the details.