Setup an Appeal

Appeals are for specific financial campaigns, outside of your monthly goals. MPDX has a Appeals tool to setup and track the progress of an appeal, i.e. End of Year Ask.

How to Setup an Appeal

Click on the Tools menu, then click on Appeals

On the left side of the main Appeals screen, past and current appeals will be displayed.

  • Select an appeal as your Primary Appeal, or create a new appeal. 
  • Use the Add Appeal wizard, on the right, to create a new appeal.

  • In the Add Appeal wizard, give the appeal a Name and enter the Initial Goal amount. 
  • Enter the Letter Cost and the Admin % ministry costs to calculate your total Goal
Note: You can also edit the appeal goal later.

  • Next, select the Status(es) you would like to add to the appeal.
  • Select as many or as few statuses and tags as you'd like.  
  •  In addition to statuses, you can add tags.

  • All added contact Status will be listed like tags.
  • You can add additional statuses or click on the X to delete any unwanted ones.
  • You can add any Tag to your appeal for those specific contacts.
  • Add any exclusions to your appeal, i.e. Send Appeals set to No.
  • Verify all the appeal information and then click Add Appeal.

After you click the Add Appeal button, the details of the the appeal will be displayed.

  • On the far right, is the Amount Given, Amount Received and the Appeal Goal with a visual of those amounts
  • To left is the Appeal Name i.e., 2022 Car Special Ask

On the far left (in the list view) is the Appeal Stats:

  • The number of contacts who have Given to the appeal.
  • The number of appeal gifts Received.
  • The number of pledges Committed.
  • The number of Asked contacts who received the appeal letter or email.

Below the Appeal Stats are Appeal Functions:

  • Export the appeal to a CSV file
    • This allows you to export selected contacts to a spreadsheet or a MailChimp list.
  • Export Emails of selected contacts
  • You can Add a Contact to the Appeal.
  • Or Permanently Delete Appeal. 

  • To Select Contact, type in the contact's last name.
  • Click on the Contact Name so it's highlighted in blue.
  • Click the Save button.

Primary Appeal at a Glance

Each time you log into MPDX or click on the Dashboard menu, your primary appeal will be visible.

Note: If your appeal does not appear on your dashboard, you need to set your Primary Appeal. Remember,  it's the appeal with the solid blue star.