List View for Appeals

List view is a helpful tool that allows you to view and manage your progress for an appeal. 

Using List View

  • Go to the Tools tab and select your appeal. Then click the List View button.

  • You can view the contacts in each category, Given, Received, Committed, Asked, or Excluded in list form by clicking on the desired category title in the left menu.

  • You can move contacts from the Asked column to the Committed or Received columns by entering, or editing a donation commitment.
    • When adding a commitment, you'll be prompted to enter the Amount, Expected Date you expect to receive the gift, Status, and Currency. Click Save to preserve your changes.

  • You can move contacts from the Committed or Received columns by editing a donation commitment.
    • To remove a commitment from an appeal, go to the Committed category, then click on the trash icon to the right of the contact. Select “Yes” to confirm and delete. This will delete the commitment and move that contact back to the Asked category.

    • To mark a commitment as received and therefore move that contact to the Received category, go to the Committed category and “edit” the commitment. Update the Amount, Expected Date to the day the commitment was received, click the Received checkbox and “Save.
  • When a donation associated with an Appeal is received and processed by your organization, MPDX will move the gift automatically to the Given category.