Dashboard: Sending Out Newsletters

Once your newsletter is ready to be sent out, you can generate that list right from the Dashboard Care section.  

Send Out Physical Newsletter

  • From the Dashboard, locate the Care box.
  • Click Actions and then Export Physical.

Export Physical Newsletter List

  • Select the CSV file to Mail Merge option to create letters, envelopes, or labels.
  • Save your CSV File and perform the mail merge.

Send Out Email Newsletter

  • From the dashboard, under the bar graph, locate the Care box.
  • Click on the Actions button and then Export Email

Export Email Newsletter List

  • Select the Advanced CSV file option for email.
  • Save your CSV File and perform the mail merge.

Connect Services: Send Out Newsletters

MPDX provides Connect Services with Google, MailChimp, PrayerLetters or ChalkLine to create and send out letters or emails.

  • Click on Settings, then choose Connect Services.

  • Locate External Services.
  • Select the Newsletter Application of choice by clicking the Drop-down Arrow to the right.
  • MPDX will redirect you to log into either MailChimp, Prayer Letters or Chalk Line.

Log Newsletter

After you have send out a newsletter, you can log this in MPDX (recommended).

  • From the Dashboard, click Actions and then Log Newsletter

Log Newsletter Task
  • Fill out the Subject, choose the Action, and Completed On date and time
  • You can add any Comments.
  • When finished, click Save.

Note: By logging each newsletter type you send out, MPDX will track this for you, and notate the number of days you last sent out a newsletter in Care section of the Dashboard.