Mail Merge: Letters, Labels, and Envelopes

MPDX allows you to create specific lists of contacts and their mailing information based on their Newsletter Recipient status. Once exported, this list is used to create letters, envelopes, and labels for an external mail merge document.

Mail Merge From Dashboard

The easiest way to export a mail merge list is from the Dashboard

  • Scroll to the To Do This Week section. On the right side in the top corner, is the Newsletter dropdown menu.
  • Click on Newsletter, and then click Export Physical
  • This creates a contacts list with the filter option of Physical and Both (paper and email).
  • A CSV file will be generated that can be saved to your computer.

Mail Merge From Contacts

Exporting Your Entire List

You can export your entire contacts list to perform a mail merge.

  • Click on the Contacts menu.
  • Click the Select button and Select all # Contacts, i.e. 36 Contacts

  • A blue task bar will appear with 3 buttons: Actions, Merge, and Export.
  • To the right of the Select button are the Number of Selected contacts (highlighted in light blue).
  • Click on the Export to download a CSV file of your contact list.

Exporting a Filtered List

  • On the left, scroll down to Filters and find Newsletter Recipients. 
  • Click the Dropdown Arrow beside Newsletter Recipients.
  • Click Select an Option for a list of newsletter types.
  • Select Physical Only (or another type) for a list of contacts that fit the criteria.
  • Follow the export instructions above for a mail merge CSV file.
Note: Additional filters can be added, i.e. Status: Partner - Financial for a more refined list.

Export Contacts CSV Files

  • Select CSV for Mail Merge for physical newsletter and Advanced CSV for email newsletter.

Note: Next time you send a newsletter, repeat these steps. This will ensure you have the most current contact information (i.e. mailing addresses, email, phone numbers, etc).

Creating address labels for Avery label templates

Avery labels are the most common type of envelope label. They also offer a very helpful tool for taking addresses, merging them to labels, and printing at home.

Give Avery a try for printing your address labels

Mail Merge in Word and Pages

  • Use the links below to learn how perform a mail merge in the word processor you are using.

Learn to mail merge in Word

Learn to mail merge in Pages

Mail Merge in Google Docs 

Using one of the two prior applications is recommended. However, use the following link if want to learn how to perform a  Mail Merge using Google Docs.

Protecting Sensitive Information

Once you have printed your envelopes and newsletter, the best practice is to delete the files you downloaded from MPDX. This protects your donors financial information should someone gain unauthorized access to your computer.