MPDX Status, MPD Phase

An MPDX Status is used to track how your contacts progress through each MPD phase and how they will partner with you in your ministry. 

MPDX Contact Status

From the main Contacts page, the Status is located to the right of the contact name.

Status includes:

  • Status Type, i.e. Partner - Financial.
  • Commitment Type and Amount, i.e. $35.00 Monthly.
  • Commitment Received (yes or no).

  • The Financial Status (colored dot) indicates whether the commitment is:
    • On Time - Green
    • 0 to 30 days Late - Gray
    • 30 to 60 Days Late - Gold
    • 60 or More Days Late - Red

MPDX Status Details

To view or change the status of a contact, click on the Contact Name

In this individual contact view are the following status details:

  • Status, i.e. Partner - Financial
  • Commitment Amount, i.e.$35
  • Frequency, i.e. Monthly
  • Currency Type, i.e. CAD (Canadian dollars)

All of these Status fields can be changed by clicking on the drop-down arrow or into the field itself.

Contact Status Types

  • Contacts with a "positive" status will show up in your main contacts list as an active contact. 
  • Contacts with a "negative" status will be hidden from your active contact list. 
  • To find these "hidden" contacts, filter on any of the "negative" statues to view them in your contact list. 


Change Status For a Single Contact

Click the Status drop-down arrow, then select the new status. 

Change Status for Multiple Contacts

You can also change statuses of multiple contacts at one time. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Select the Contacts whose status you want change (highlighted in light blue).
  • Click on Actions button and then Edit Field.

  • Locate the Status field and click the dropdown arrow,
  • Click on the appropriate Status and then click Save.

Note: A contact's status affects multiple things within MPDX. One of these is the MPD monthly progress bar.

Monthly Status Bar

The Monthly Status Bar is based on the monthly financial goal set in Preferences. This status bar is located in the upper right-hand corner on any MPDX page. 

  • Contacts with Partner-Financial status and Received Commitments are displayed in gold.
  • Contacts with Partner-Financial status are displayed in orange.
  • One-time gifts or commitments will not show up in this bar and those contacts should be labeled as Partner-Special.
Is It Possible to Assign More Than One Status to a Contact?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign more than one status to a contact at a time. However there are other options to accomplish this function.

  • Assign the status that best describes each contact's current partnership with you.
  • Organize contacts with tags to assign more than one status to a contact.