MPDX Quick Reference Guide: Reports


Reports: Donations

  • Displayed at the top are Goal, Average, and Committed.
  • Below the progress bar, is the Multi-Currency Legend.
  • There is also a Bar Graph of the fiscal year, from the current month.
  • Click on any Monthly Gold Bar to see a total.
  • You can click on < Previous Month or Next Month > to see Donation reports for different months

Reports: Current Monthly Report

  • Under the Donations section, is the current month's activity, i.e., April 2021.
  • Each Contact Name is a hyperlink to that specific contact.

  • Click on the Previous Month or Next Month buttons for other monthly reports.
  • Click on the Paper/Pen icon to edit a donation.

Scroll to the bottom of Donations to see the total given for the month.

14-Month Report

  • Contributions By Salary Currency, i.e., USD is listed by fiscal year from the current month.
  • Click Expand Partner Info for more details.
  • Click on Export CSV for a spreadsheet report

Expected Monthly Total

See The Likely Partners This Month and the Possible Partners This Month (Current Month) who are expected to give financial gifts.

Scroll down to see Possible Partners This Month and an Estimated Total.

Partner Giving Analysis

See an analysis of a partner’s giving history with stats like Gift Total, Gift Count, Gift Average, Last Gift Amount, Last Gift Date, and Lifetime Total. 

Use REPORT FILTERS to narrow the list of ministry partners included in the Analysis.