MPDX Mobile Dashboard

Dashboard Main Screen

Tap on the Menu icon on the top left of the screen and select Dashboard

From the main screen of the Dashboard, you can:

  • Monitor your Account Balance, Goals, Activity, Commitments and Appeals
  • See what To Do This Week
  • Provide partner Care with a personal touch

Account Balance

Tap on VIEW DONATIONS to see a report of all Donations received this month

Monthly Goal

A visual of where you are in relation to your set MPD Goals:

  • Gold = Monthly Gifts Started (committed AND received)
  • Outlined Gold = Monthly Committed (committed and NOT received)
  • Below Goal numbers ($ amount and percentage)

Monthly Activity

A visual of the last 13 Months of Monthly Activity. Each month’s amount received (in USD) is shown as a labeled bar along the x-axis (abbreviated by the first letter of each month in the calendar year). There are 3 lines that show your MPD Goal (blue), Average Monthly Giving (gray), and Committed Giving (gold).To Do This WeekExpand or collapse each section to see the associated contact names.

*note the VIEW ALL option under each section*

  • Tasks Due This Week
  • Late Commitments
  • Partner Care (Prayer)
  • Partner Care (Celebrations)

ReferralsAll of the referrals you’ve entered into MPDX will be shown here. This number should match the total of your On Hand and Recent referrals shown in MPDX web. 


A visual of where you are in relation to your set goal. Only the appeal marked “Primary” will be shown in the Dashboard.

*note the VIEW ALL APPEALS option*

Weekly Activity

An overview in numbers of your Calls, Messages, Appointments and Correspondence tasks logged in MPDX for the current week.

Add Tasks, Contacts, and Donations

From the Dashboard page click the +Sign so you can: