Manage Accounts

Managing your accounts in MPDX is facilitated within 3 main categories:

Manage Account Access, Merge Your Accounts, and Merge Spouse Accounts.

  • Click on the Settings gear icon and select Manage Accounts

Click on the Drop-down Arrow to the right of the applicable option.

Manage Account Access

You can share MPDX account access with other staff such as your MPD coach. If you have already shared your MPDX account, those names will be listed under Account Currently Shared With section.

  • Click the red Delete button to remove a specific person from account access.
  • Type in an Email Address and click Share Account to grant access.

Merge Your Accounts

You can merge personal ministry accounts from multiple countries and in multiple currencies.

  • Merge Personal Accounts only, i.e., Staff Accounts.
  • This merge will affect account access for all MPDX users.
  • This merge cannot be undone.
  • Do not merge ministry accounts (organizations).

  • Select the Merging From account by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right.
  • Next, select the Merging Into account.
  • Click on the I accept checkbox and then click Merge. NOTE: You can't accept an MPDX invite to access another account list on a mobile device. This can only be done through MPDX Web.

Note: This account merge cannot be undone.

Merge Spouse Accounts

If you are married, you can share your MPDX account with your spouse. If you are getting married and have separate ministry accounts, you can also merge them into one MPDX account.

  • Type in your spouse's Email Address and then click Share Account.

  • Pick the personal Merge Accounts, i.e., your spouse's staff account.
Note: This merge cannot be undone.

  • Select the Merging From account by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right.
  • Next, select the Merging Into account.
  • Click on the I accept checkbox and then click Merge.