MailChimp Sync

MailChimp is a great way to send regular email updates to your contacts. MPDX syncs to MailChimp so that you only have to keep your list up-to-date in one place. 

Setting up the MailChimp sync:

Step 1: If you haven't set up MailChimp, you need to go to, create your account, then create a blank list. (Click on Lists, then the Create List button.)  Name the list whatever you choose.  

Step 2: In MPDX, go to the gear icon (Settings) and click on 'Connect Services.' Click the arrow on the right to expand the MailChimp section and click Connect MailChimp.

Step 3: You will then be asked to log into MailChimp. Use your MailChimp username and password to log in here:

Click Allow.

Step 4 : If you don't have an Audience list in MailChimp yet, click on the 'Go to MailChimp to create a list' link to set up your Audience.

If you already have an Audience list in Mailchimp, pick the list from the dropdown menu. If you have MailChimp set up, understand that you can only sync one list to MPDX. (If you are tracking separate ministry accounts, you can sync to MailChimp with those MPDX accounts as well.)

You also have the option to Automatically log sent MailChimp campaigns in contact task history. Check this option if you would like, and click Save.

  • The Green Dot indicates a proper connection between Mailchimp and MPDX.
  • You can click Sync Now to update your MailChimp list. (This is not necessary the first time you connect.)
  • Click Modify Settings to make any changes to the connection or click Disconnect to remove the connection from MPDX.

A few points of note with MailChimp

  • MPDX will send to MailChimp all your contacts who have the Newsletter type set to "Email" or "Both" and have the email selected as 'Primary'. MailChimp will then turn the primary email address of each individual in those contacts into a contact in your MailChimp list. 
    • The 'Primary' email and the Preferred Contact Method are different. The MailChimp sync uses the contact's email that is set 'Primary' for each person within a contact not marked "Opt Out of Newsletter." The Preferred Contact Method has no impact on the MailChimp sync. A ministry partner's 'Preferred Contact Method' is simply how they like to be regularly contacted (i.e. text message, email, or phone call). 
  • MPDX counts multiple people in a household as one contact, but MailChimp counts each email address as a contact. This means your contact numbers may not match.
  • The MPDX fields sent to Mailchimp are: [Email Address], [First Name], [Last Name], [Partner Status], [Tags (max of 46)], [Greeting] 
  • MailChimp does not sync to MPDX, so if you already have a Prayer Letter list in MailChimp, anyone on that list who is not in MPDX will need to be manually added to MPDX. You may also export your list as a CSV and import them into MPDX. You can find more articles on how to use the MPDX CSV import tool here on our help site.
  • If an individual doesn't want to get your email updates, be sure to check the box that says, "Opt out of Email Newsletter" in his/her information card. 
  • If a contact is in a 'Hidden' status the "Opt-out of Email Newsletter" must be checked if you do not want the contact to be included in your MailChimp list. 

Keeping MPDX and MailChimp in Sync:

  • If an email bounces, MailChimp will tell MPDX. MPDX will mark the Contact's email 'Invalid' and send you an email notification. Follow the link in the email to the Contact in MPDX and verify the Primary email address or make the necessary changes. 
  • If someone unsubscribes from MailChimp, MailChimp will let MPDX know, and if you are set to receive notifications, MPDX will let you know as well. MPDX will mark the individual with the email address as "Opt Out of Email Newsletter."