Export Contact Info

You may want to export your contacts by mail merging to make letters, labels, envelopes, etc. To do this:

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Scroll to the To Do This Week section.
  • Under the NEWSLETTER dropdown menu select Export Physical.  This will create a file that will export your Newsletter - Physical subscriber list as you have set it up in MPDX.

You can choose CSV for Mail Merge when exporting in order to create your letters, labels and envelopes.

You can also create exports manually.  To do this:

  • Go the Contacts tab
  • Under Filters, Newsletter Recipients, choose "Physical and Both."
  • Under the Select dropdown be sure to choose select all of your newsletter contacts by clicking "Select all ## contacts":

  • Then, Click Export

Choose the option that best suits your needs. (PDF of Mail Merged Labels, CSV for Mail Merge, Advanced CSV or Advanced Excel (XLSX). CSV files can import data with headings into spreadsheets like Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets, or into mail merge functions of word processors. If you have things like multi-line addresses or zip codes that start with zero, the Advanced Excel (XLSX) option will probably work best. Learn how to Mail Merge.