Contacts and Individuals

Essential Links

Contacts Main View

After you click on the Contacts page, the Contacts Main View is displayed.
Type a last name in Contact Search Bar (top right) to find a specific contact.
To the right of the contact name is Contact Status, i.e. Partner - Financial.
In the contacts main view, is the Summary Info for each contact.
The Select drop-down (top left) allows you to select any or all contacts to perform specific tasks.
On the left are Tags and Filters to view specific contacts, meeting select criteria.

Newsletter Type

The Newsletter Types are Email, Physical, and Both.

A Newsletter Type displayed in Black indicates correct mailing information for a physical or email newsletter.

A Newsletter Type displayed in Red indicates incorrect mailing information for a physical or email newsletter.

Select Contacts

Click on the Select drop-down to select Contacts on Page or All Contacts.

Beside the Select drop down will be the Number of Contacts Selected, i.e., 10 Selected.
The Selected Contacts will be highlighted in light blue.
The Select feature brings up the Actions, Merge, and Export functions.


The Actions button allows global functions to select or all contacts.
Click Actions button.
Select the Edit Fields option.

You can also Add Tags, Remove Tags, Add Task, Log Task, Hide Contacts, and Map Contacts (Google Maps) for select or all contacts.
To change the Newsletter type for the selected contacts:
Click the Newsletter field and select Email.
Update as many fields as you like then, click Save.


From the main contacts view, you can merge duplicate contacts.
Select the Duplicate Names by clicking on them.
Selected Contacts will be highlighted in light blue.
Then click on the Merge button.

Select the contact you want to be the "winner" aka Use This One.
Click Save to perform the merge.
IMPORTANT: This action cannot be undone!


From contacts main view, click on the Select button.
Then click on Select All # Contacts i.e., 36 Contacts, to export your entire list of contacts.

After you select all contacts, a blue Taskbar will appear.
Click on Export.

Choose CSV for a Mail Merge for physical newsletters.
Or choose Advanced CSV for email newsletters.


Click on any Tag to display those specific contacts, i.e., 2018 Christmas Card.
TNTConnect Groups and User Fields become tags in MPDX.

For more information on Tags click these links: Add, Remove or Edit a Tag | Organizing Contacts with Tags | Tags Cleanup After TntConnect Import.


With Filters you can select one or more options to display the desired list of contacts.
Filters compare to the TNTConnect Lookup menu.

You can filter on a single criteria, i.e. Status: Partner - Financial
Click on the Drop-down Arrow to the right of Status.
Click on Select Some Options and choose Partner - Financial.

Click on the link: Lookup with Filters and Tags for more detailed instructions.

Hide or View Contacts

Hide Contact icon hides the contact from the main contact view.
Hover your mouse over a contact name to display the View and Search icons.
The View Contact icon (left) displays that specific contact.
The Hide Contact icon (right) will hide that contact from your active list.

You can find hidden contacts by name or by applying the filter Status: All Hidden.

Contacts - People

The Individual Contact is considered a household. A husband and wife would be members of the household and any children, as well.
The Individual Contact Summary, in blue, displays:
The Primary Person's, Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and the Primary Address Status, Newsletter type, Likely To Give, Commitment amount, Frequency, and Currency
Each field in the individual contact summary can be edited right there.
On the top right is Individual Task Bar where you can:
Add Referrals, Add Task, Log Task, and Hide Contact for this single contact.

People Tab

People Task Bar - you can Merge People (duplicates), Email All, and Add New Person.
People Summary - displays occupation and employers, email and phone numbers, birthdays, and relationships, i.e., Married.
Contact and personal information for each individual is displayed only if it has been manually entered or imported into MPDX.
Click on the Star icon to mark the Primary contact.
Click the Edit icon (paper/pen) to change the People Summary information.

Editing People Information

To manually enter or edit an individual's information, click on the Edit icon.

People - Contact Info
The Contact Info Tab is displayed by default. On this tab you can:
Add or edit Title, First Name, Last Name, Suffix
Edit Phone Numbers, Add Phone, or delete a phone number.
Set a Primary phone number or mark Invalid old or disconnected numbers. 
Edit Email Addresses, Add Email or delete an email address.
Set a Primary email address or mark an old email address Invalid.
As a note:
  • The number and email marked "Primary" will be shown in the people tab, next to each person's name with a green checkmark:
  • Any additional numbers or emails not marked "Invalid" will appear when you click the expand arrow next to the contact's name. 
  • Unless you delete the information entirely, you will still be able to see it when you click "Edit." 
  • In the case of locked information, you won't be able to delete or make changes, but marking the email or number "Invalid" will hide it from view.
Mark the Opt Out of Email Newsletter Checkbox
The Opt Out Removes a specific person from syncing with MailChimp, being exported in the email newsletter selection, and still allows other individuals to receive email newsletters.

Individual - Details
The Details Tab allows you to:
Add or edit Legal First Name.
Select Gender.
Add or edit Birthday Month, Day, and Year.
Add or edit Anniversary Month, Day, and Year.
Mark a specific individual as Deceased.
Checking this box removes this person from the envelope and greeting information, as well as email newsletters.

The Year field must be filled in for both birthdays and anniversaries to be displayed. If the year is unknown, simply enter 1900 or 2000.
People - Social Connections
The Social Connections Tab allows you to:
View or edit existing Social Connections.
Click on the Trash icon to delete existing social connections.
Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Website URLs (links).

Social connections will be displayed with the corresponding icon, i.e., Facebook and Twitter
The globe icon represents a website or blog URL.

People - Relationships and Work
The Relationships and Work Tab allows you to:
View, edit, or add an Occupation and Employer.
Select or change a Relationship Status, i.e., Married.
Select or change a Type of relationship, i.e., Wife.
Click the Trash icon to delete an existing relationship.
Click the Add Relationships button to add a spouse, child, or other family member.

The Occupation and Employer, as well as the Relationship Status, will be displayed on an individual's people card.

People Contact Tabs

Beneath the individual contact summary are 7 tabs: Details, Donations, Tasks, Referrals, Notes, Addresses, and People (see above). Below is a detailed description of the first 6 tabs.

Details Tab

The Details tab has 3 sections: Financial, Communication, and Other Details. Below is a description of each section and the specific information listed.
Details Tab - Financial
The Financial section displays Commitment Received, Last Donation, Lifetime Donations, Commitment Start Date , and Giving Method.
NOTE: The Commitment Received drop-down is a freely editable field. The system does NOT change it automatically when a contact begins a gift, or stops a gift. The MPDX user must mark the commitment received "Yes" or commitment received "No."
To edit Commitment Received, click on the drop down arrow to the right.
To add or edit the Commitment Start Date, click the line below it.

Details Tab - Communication
The Communication section displays:
Envelope Name Line, Referred By, Language, Greeting, Send Appeals, Time Zone, and Tags.
Send Appeals allows you to track donors who give a gift toward an appeal.
However, this information does not sync back to your organization.
Select "No" for Send Appeals and MPDX will exclude them.
Language information is exported to MailChimp so you can send newsletters in different languages.
Time Zone is a field you can filter on for contacts within that timezone. Click the X to delete or the drop down arrow to edit this field.
To delete a Tag, click on the X to the right or to add tags, click the Add a Tag text.

Details Tab - Other Details
The Other Details section displays:
The individuals contact's Church, Website, Next Ask, Magazine (from TnTConnect), Partner Account and Delete Contact button.
Edit the Next Ask by clicking on the blue Calendar icon or delete the date by clicking on the Trash icon.
Partner Accounts can be deleted by clicking on the X to the right or can added by clicking on the Add Partner Account.

Each individual contact must have a Partner Account in order to add or receive donations.

Donations Tab

The Donations Tab displays:

A Bar Graph of gifts for the fiscal year (from the current month). The graph tracks this contact's Commitments, Monthly Goal, and Monthly Average. The bar graph displays gifts from Last Year and This Year, side by side.

Donations Tab - Gift Details
The Gift Details section of the donations tab displays:
The Partner No. (account), Date, Amount, Designation (account), Method, and Appeal (if applicable).
At the bottom of the gift details is the lifetime Total Donations by currency type.
Edit a specific donation by clicking on the Paper/Pen icon to the right.

Tasks Tab

Search Tasks by type, i.e. Call, to locate those specific types of tasks (helpful if you have many)
On the top right, you can Add Task (upcoming), Log Task (completed).
Select All to make global changes to your tasks.
To add a task, you can also click on the text New Task, type the name, and then click Save.
On the left side of a task, click on the Circle icon to mark a Task Completed.
Click on the Chat Bubble icon to add Comments to a task (i.e. phone call details).
Next to the chat bubble, click on the Star icon to make it a Priority Task.

Below the New Task bar are the types of Tasks:
Overdue, Upcoming, Completed, and Completed Tasks associated with this contact.

To Delete a Task, hover your mouse over by the chat bubble icon.
The task will be highlighted in blue and the Trash icon will become visible.
Click the Trash icon to delete the task.

Task Tab - Actions
To perform any actions, one or more tasks must be selected.

Once Tasks have been selected, the Task Bar (blue) and and the Actions drop-down is displayed .
To the right of the Select drop down are the # of Selected tasks. Selected Tasks are highlighted in light blue.
Click Actions button and select a specific task to perform:
Complete Tasks Edit Tasks Add Tags Remove Tags Delete Tasks

Edit Tasks

To edit a task, click on the Task Name link.

In the Edit Task window, you can:
Change the Task Name.
Select or change the Action by clicking the drop-down arrow.
Set a Due Date and time.
Set a Notify Me in minutes or hours (if blank you will not be notified).
Add new or existing Tags Click Save when you've finished.

If you have connected your Google mail account, the content of email exchanges will show up here as well.

Referrals Tab

To add a referral, click on the blue Add Referrals button on the top right.
After the referral has been added, you will see the Referral Name and Referral Date listed.

Type at the First Name, Spouse First Name (if applicable), and Last Name.
Fill in any of the referral's contact information, i.e. Street Address and Email.
Add as many names as are applicable.
When finished, scroll down and click Save.
Once a referral has been added, that referral will become a new contact in your Contacts Main View.

Notes Tab

Add personal updates and communication about a contact.
This can also be done with Tasks like Email and Calls, as well.
If you've imported your TNTConnect database, your Referred by: <name> would be found in Notes for each contact that had a referral.

Addresses Tab

Any imported addresses or added manually will be listed under the Addresses tab.
If the Source is your Organization, i.e. DonorHub, it can only be Viewed or Marked Invalid.
If the Source is MPDX, TNTConnect, or .CSV you can Edit, View, or Remove the address.

View Only Addresses
Provided by Organization are view only (fields are grayed out).
When applicable, click on Address No Longer Valid and click Save.

Edit or Remove Address
With an imported or manually added address you can:
Edit any address field.
Mark it Address No Longer Valid and click Save.
Click Remove to delete it.