The 14 Month Report

Step One: Login to MPDX

To begin this process, you will first need to set up, and login to your MPDX Account using your Key/Relay password. 

When prompted, choose Cru as your organization.

If you have not used MPDX before, it will take 24 hours for the sync to send information to MPDX from Donation Services.

When the 24 hours have passed, log back in to MPDX.

To find the MPDX 14 Month Report look at the Top Navigation Bar along the top of the screen, and select it from the drop down menu.

Step Two: Set Your Preferences 

Go to Settings, under Preferences

Set up your: 

  • Time Zone
  • Time to Send Notifications
  • Monthly Goal
  • Home Country
  • Default Currency

Step Three: Set up Notifications

Next, we will go through how to set up Notifications that will help you in your use of the 14 Month Report.

There are 3 Main Ways to receive notifications from MPDX: In App through MPDX Mobile, through Email, or within MPDX as a Task.

  1. “In App” will enable selected push notifications to appear if you have the MPDX Mobile app downloaded on your Android or iOS device and have allowed it in your device’s settings.
  2. Selecting Email will cause MPDX to email the address associated with your MPDX account list, when a notification you have set occurs.
  3. Selecting Task, will cause MPDX to create a task (visible within a contact, or visible under the Tasks tab), whenever a notification you have set occurs.

Choose the notifications you would like to receive, and how you would like to receive them, by checking the associated box, or boxes.

For the 14 Month Report, the following notifications may be helpful:

  • Partner gave a Special Gift
  • Partner missed a gift
  • Partner started giving
  • Partner gave less than commitment
  • Partner gave with commitment of semi-annual or more
  • Partner gave a larger gift than commitment
  • Partner (semiannual, annual, etc) has an expected donation one month from now. Send them a reminder.
  • Partner recontinued giving.

Once you are satisfied with your selection be sure to click scroll down and click “Save,” to save your changes. These notification settings can be changed at any time.

Step Four: Understanding the 14 Month Report

14 Month Report Partner Currency vs. Salary Currency

There are two Reports titled 14 Month Report available to staff: Partner Currency and Salary Currency

  • The 14 Month Report - Partner Currency is useful for missionaries who use MPDX that have ministry partners, or contacts, giving in multiple currency types. 
  • The 14 Month Report - Salary Currency shows the Partner contributions by Salary Currency, or the currency in which you are paid by your organization.

Click to view the desired version of the 14 Month Report.

The report will update every 24 hours as donations are added by donation services.

  • Along the left, you will see a list of your ministry partners. Each name is a link to that ministry partner’s contact page in MPDX where you can see detailed information about each donation, person, contact information, and task associated with that partner, or contact.
  • The furthest left value is what that partner gave on the current month, last year.
  • The furthest right value is what that partner gave on the present month, this year.
  • You can flip the order of a column by clicking onto that column: notice the top name is now the bottom name.
  • To see more information about a particular partner’s gift in one of the months noted, hover over the intersection point of the month and that partner’s name line.

Click “Expand Partner info,” to expand the full report view to include the Status, Pledge, Avg (Average), and Min (Minimum Gift) columns:

  • The Partner Status, Commitment Amount, Currency Type and Frequency are set within an Contact’s MPDX page and can be edited at any time within that contact’s page.
  • The Avg, or Average column is calculated using the Total given for that Ministry Partner and dividing it by 13 months (the current giving month is not used in this number).
  • Min, or “Minimum” and is the lowest recorded gift for that particular partner in the past 14 months.

(Optional) Step Five: Export, or Print your 14 Month Report

If you choose, you may Export CSV, or Print this report.

To do this, go to the top right corner of MPDX and click to select.