Preparing Your MailChimp List

Before you connect your MPDX email list  with your MailChimp account, here are a few steps that will save you time later on.

Step 1: Make sure all of your Ministry Partners are set up to receive a Newsletter.

Go to Contacts in MPDX, and Filter your Contacts by Status > Partner-Financial, Status > Special, and Status > Partner-Pray as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Review these Contacts and verify that they are all on your Newsletter List in MPDX. Contacts who are set to receive “Newsletter - Email” or “Newsletter - Both” will be placed on the MailChimp list when MPDX is synced with MailChimp. Changing the email preferences will update or remove a contact from the MailChimp list if the sync is turned on. If your MPDX account is not connected to your MailChimp account, your list will not sync and you will need to manually update your list in MailChimp. 

Step 3: To update the newsletter preferences for any contact click in the Newsletter field and select the appropriate newsletter format.

  • If you have a contact that has multiple people listed and each have a valid email address marked as primary, then both of them will get synced over to MailChimp
  • When individuals within the same contact have different newsletter preferences, you will need to edit each person's preferences. To specify the newsletter preferences for an individual within a contact go to the People tab within that contact and select "edit."
  • You can only have one person marked primary in a contact, but each person can have a Primary email selected.

Step 4: Once you have confirmed your list, you are ready to connect your MPDX account with your MailChimp account.

Important MPDX Notification Settings

In MPDX, you will want to set up the "Partner is on the email newsletter but has no people with a valid email address" Notification. To do so, visit Settings, Notifications. When you select and Save your preferences for this notification, MPDX will notify you when you have a partner on your email newsletter list, but they do not have a valid email saved.

Important MailChimp Notification Settings

In MailChimp, whether you have set up a new account or have an existing account, you will want to set up MailChimp notifications. MailChimp will notify you if anyone subscribes or unsubscribes from your list. 

Scroll down to the “New subscriber notifications” section. Enter your email address to receive the notifications you would like, and save.

When you receive a notification from MailChimp, you should confirm that your information in MPDX is up to date. 

Now you are ready to connect your MPDX list to your MailChimp account!