Flows View for Appeals

Flow view is a helpful tool that allows you to view and manage your progress for an appeal. 

Using Flows View

  • Go to the Tools tab and select your appeal. Then click the flows view button.
  • You can click and drag contacts from the Asked column to the Committed, Received or Given columns. 
    • When moving a contact to the  Committed column, you'll be prompted to enter the amount and date you expect to receive the gift.
    • Use the  Received column for gifts you have in hand that have not yet been processed by your donation processing system. When you move a contact here, you can adjust the actual amount and date you received the gift.
    • The  Given column is for partners whose gifts have been received by your donation processing system. If you drag the contact to the Given column and the contact has recently given multiple gifts (for example, a regular monthly gift and a special gift), you may be prompted to select which gift should be assigned to this appeal. 
    • Note: A contact will also be moved to the Given column if a donation is assigned to this appeal from the Donation report. 
      Applying a Donation to an Appeal

      If you receive a donation not listed under your appeal, you can apply the appeal to a donation.

      • Go to the Reports page and scroll down to Donations.
      • Click on the Edit icon (paper/pen).
      • Click on the Select Appeal button.

      • After the Selected Appeal, i.e., 2022 Car Special Ask has been added, click the Save button.

  • Back on Appeals flow view, once a commitment has been made, you can edit a partner's appeal status or gift details by clicking the edit button on each contact card.