Manage Organization Access

You will only be able to follow the instructions below if you have received an invitation to manage an organization email and accepted it. If you would like access either ask an existing administrator or send a request for access to If you have accepted multiple organization invitations you will also be able to select an organization to manage in the top right of the relevant pages.

  • Click on the Settings button and select Manage Organizations.
  • Click on the Drop-down Arrow to the right of the Manage Organization Access section to view the relevant section.

You can share MPDX organization account access with other staff such as financial team members, HR personnel, or help staff. If you have already shared MPDX organization access, those names will be listed under Organization currently shared with section.

  • Click the red Delete button to remove a specific person from organization access.
  • Type in an Email Address and click Send Invite to grant access. The user will receive an email with instructions allowing them access to manage the organization.