Impersonate a User

You will only be able to follow the instructions below if you have received an invitation to manage an organization email and accepted it. If you would like access either ask an existing administrator or send a request for access to If you have accepted multiple organization invitations you will also be able to select an organization to manage in the top right of the relevant pages.

You are able to impersonate any user in your organization. You should use this only to help users tidy up data, inspect their donations to ensure syncing is working or help them troubleshoot issues they are having. You will be able to access their account for twenty minutes then you will automatically be logged out of their account.
  • Click on the Settings button and select Manage Organizations.
  • Enter the Email address the users uses to login to MPDX.
  • Enter a Reason (this will be made visible to the user so they know you accessed their account).
  • Click Impersonate User button.

  • You will then be taken to their account and you will be able to access the users account on their behalf
  • Once you are done click the Exit Impersonation Mode button at the top of the page