Outstanding Special Needs

This table tracks and lists all contacts (by initials, not personal identifiable information) associated with the Primary Appeal who have "Committed," a gift that is not marked "Received." Each contact with an Outstanding Special Needs Commitment will have a row reflecting their initials, Frequency of Commitment pledged, number of days past the expected “Commitment Start Date”, and the amount pledged in the currency noted.

The only Special Needs included here are those associated with the Primary Appeal.

This report is populated automatically using donor services information and is updated every 24 hours.*

*A person being coached can update contact information and associate a donation with an appeal by:

  1. Go To Reports > Donations > Select the Donation (or visit the Donations tab within a Contact)
  2. Select the “edit” button next to the donation.
  3. In the “Donation” Modal that pops up, click “Select Appeal” and type the name of the associated Primary Appeal.