Cleaning Up and Organizing Tasks

Task Cleanup After Import

After a data import from, for example, TntConnect all your tasks are populated in MPDX.

  • Go to the the Tasks page.

Organizing Overdue Tasks

If you have overdue tasks, that are expired, you can mark them complete or delete the tasks.

Specific Overdue Tasks
  • Click on the drop-down on the top left and select Overdue.
  • All the Overdue Tasks will be displayed on the right.

  • Click on the Checkbox (now dark blue) to Select Specific Contacts.
  • Click on the Actions button, then choose Complete Tasks or Delete Tasks.

All Overdue Tasks
  • Click on the Select button and choose Select All # Tasks, i.e., All 9 Tasks.
  • Click on the Actions button, then choose Complete Tasks or Delete Tasks (see above).

Organizing Tasks with Tags

For Tasks that were imported from Google or TntConnect, a Tag can be added to more quickly identify them.

Organizing Imported with Tags
  • On the top left, select All (left)
  • Click the Select button and then Select All # Tasks, i.e., 20 Tasks.

  • Click on the Actions button.
  • Then select Add Tags.

  • Under Create New Tags, type the Tag Name, i.e., TntConnect.
  • Press Enter and then click Save.

  • The tag, i.e., TntConnect, will be located under the Tags section to the left.

Prioritizing Tasks

Another way to organize tasks is giving them starred status.

  • On the top left, select Upcoming tasks.
  • To the right of any task, click on the Star icon to make it a priority (blue star).

  • On the top left, select Starred to display all starred tasks.
  • Note that each task has a blue Star icon to the right.

For more information on Tasks, click this link: Create, Edit, and Log Tasks.