Finding TntConnect Data After Import

Before You Import Your TNTConnect Data

Important: Follow the instructions for:  Preparing your TNTConnect For the Move before you import it to MPDX.

From TNTConnect Fields to MPDX Fields

Below is a guide of how TntConnect fields are populated and their location after it is imported into MPDX. Fields in MPDX are labeled with corresponding TntConnect field name.

Contacts: Finding Donor Information

Under Contacts, click on the name of any partner to view their detailed information. 

Contact Summary

  • TNT Phase in TntConnect imports to Status in MPDX (same names)
  • Send Newsletter in TntConnect imports to Newsletter in MPDX
    • TntConnect Newsletter Type -> MPDX
      • Paper with Email Backup -> Physical
      • Email with Paper Backup -> Email
      • Paper Only -> Physical
      • Email Only -> Email
      • Nothing -> None
      • Paper and Email -> Both
  • Likely to Give in TntConnect imports to Likely to Give in MPDX.
  • Pledge Amount in TntConnect imports to Commitment field in MPDX
  • Pledge Frequency in TntConnect imports to Frequency field in MPDX.
  • Pledge Currency in TntConnect imports to Currency field in MPDX.

Contacts - Details Tab

The Details Tab consists of 3 sections:  Financial, Communication, and Other Details.

Details Tab - Financial
  • Gift Details in TNTConnect imports to Last DonationLifetime DonationsGiving Method in MPDX
  • Pledge Start (date) in TntConnect imports to Commitment Start Date

Note: Commitment Received, in MPDX, will be YES if there is a TNTConnect Pledge Start Date and NO if the TNTConnect Pledge Start Date field is blank.
Details Tab - Communication
  • Full Name in TntConnect imports to Envelope Name Line in MPDX.
  • Greeting in TntConnect imports to Greeting field in MPDX.
  • Referred by in TNTConnect imports to Referred By in MPDX.
    • The Referred by field is populated ONLY if those donors are imported into MPDX or already present in Contacts.
    • If a Referred by name is not listed in Contacts, a Tag missing tnt referred by is created.
    • The Referred by name is imported into Notes for that Contact.
  • Campaign details in TNTConnect imports to Send Appeals (Y/N) in MPDX.
  • Installation Language in TntConnect imports to Language in MPDX.
  • Groups and User Fields in TNTConnect imports to Tags in MPDX.
  • Fund Rep in TntConnect imports to Tags in MPDX.
Short Name and  Salutation in TntConnect does not import into MPDX

Note: You can use Tags to filter specific Contacts into groups, i.e., Cartoons.
Details Tab - Other Details
  • Family: Church in TNTConnect imports to Church in MPDX.
  • TNT: Magazine in TNTConnect imports to Magazine Yes/No in MPDX.
  • Email/Web in TNTConnect imports to Website in MPDX,
  • Campaigns in TNTConnect imports to Next Ask in MPDX.
  • Accounts in TnTConnect imports to Partner Accounts in MPDX.

Contacts: People Tab

Each Contact lists all the individuals via a People Tab and displays their contact information.

  • To make any changes to an individual, click on the Edit icon.

People: Contact Info

  • The  will display the MPDX fields populated from your TNTConnect import.

  • Title in TntConnect imports to Title in MPDX. 
  • Suffix in TntConnect imports to Suffix in MPDX, i.e. Jr. or III.
  • Phone Numbers labeled Home, Mobile, Business, or Other in TNTConnect will be labeled the with same values in MPDX.
    • Preferred Phone in TntConnect imports as Primary with ✔ in MPDX.
  • Email Addresses labeled Home, Business, or Other will be labeled the with same values in MPDX. If no label existed in TNTConnect, it will not have a label in MPDX either.
    • Preferred Email in TntConnect imports as Primary with ✔ in MPDX.

Contacts: Details

  • First/Given in TntConnect imports to First Name and Legal First Name in MPDX
    • Hint: Add nickname in First Name field and full first name in Legal First Name field
  • Deceased in TntConnect marks all individuals listed in a Contact as Deceased in MPDX
    • Under Details, check the Deceased Box for the person whom it actually applies. Uncheck this box for all other individuals for whom this status does not apply.
  • Family: Birthday and Anniversary in TntConnect imports to Birthday and Anniversary in MPDX
Note: This information transferred from TNTConnect  in the locations specified, applies to both husband and spouse. 

Contacts: Social Connections and Websites

  • Website and social media web addresses from Email/Web in TntConnect imports to Social Connections in MPDX
Note: This information transferred from TNTConnect, in the locations specified, applies to both husband and spouse. 

Contacts: Relationships and Work

  • Business Profession in TntConnect imports as Occupation in MPDX 
  • Business Name in TntConnect imports as Employer in MPDX 
  • Children in TntConnect import as Relationships (name) and Type (son or daughter) in MPDX
    • Children field in TntConnect is added to Notes for each contact.

Contacts: Notes

  • Referred By and Notes from TntConnect is imported into MPDX, Notes for every contact.

Husband and Spouse Interests

  • Family: Husband Interests in TntConnect is added to MPDX, Notes for each Contact.
  • Family: Spouse Interests in TntConnect is added to MPDX, Notes for each Contact.
Note: Everything in Husband and Spouse Interests TNTConnect fields is imported into MPDX.

Husband and Spouse Nicknames

  • Spouse Nickname in TntConnect will be added to Notes for each Contact in MPDX. 

User Status, Categories and Region

  • User Status in TntConnect will be added to MPDX, Notes for each Contact.
  • In Notes, MPDX imports everything into User Status.
  • Categories in TntConnect will be added to MPDX, Notes for each Contact
  • Region in TntConnect imports as Timezone on the Details tab of each contact in MPDX. 

Contacts: Stored Information but Not Visible

  • Next Ask Amount in TNTConnect is not an option for Contacts in MPDX. MPDX stores this information but it is not currently a visible field.
  • Estimated Capacity in TNTConnect is not an option for Contacts in MPDX. MPDX stores this information but it is not currently a visible field.
  • Direct Deposit in TNTConnect is not an option for Contacts in MPDX. MPDX stores this information but it is not currently a visible field.
  • Pictures in TNTConnect do not import into MPDX Contacts. However, you can upload a thumbnail picture, i.e. .png or jpeg. 
  • If you add any Social Connections, i.e., Facebook, MPDX will display a thumbnail of their social media profile pic.

Tasks: Completed, Past Due, and Current

Belows is how MPDX imports TntConnect Task Status into Task Type.

  • Task: Not Started in TntConnect imports as a No Due Date task in MPDX.
  • Task: In Progress in TntConnect imports as Overdue or No Due Date in MPDX based on the date.
  • Task: Waiting in TntConnect imports as Upcoming or Overdue in MPDX based on the date.
  • Task: Deferred in TntConnect imports as Overdue or Upcoming in MPDX based on the date.
  • Task: Complete in TntConnect imports as Completed in MPDX. 

TNTConnect Task Types in MPDX

  • Task Type in TntConnect imports as a task Action in MPDX, i.e. Thank.

  • Task Type: Present imports with No Task Type into MPDX and adds a comment Present in TntConnect.
  • Task Type: WhatsApp imports as Text Message type into MPDX and adds a comment Text Message in TntConnect.
  • Task Type: MailChimp imports Email into MPDX and adds a comment MailChimp in TntConnect.

Task: TnTConnect Fields That Convert to Tags

  • Task: For in TntConnect imports into MPDX as a Tag, named after the Contact to whom the task is assigned. You can filter your Tasks by the Task Assignee Tag.
  • Task: Category in TntConnect imports as a Tag with the Category Name into MPDX within each task.
  • Task Campaign in TntConnect imports as a Tag with the Campaign Name into MPDX within each Task.
  • Task Notes in TntConnect are imported into the Comments field into MPDX within each Task.

Tasks: Data Not Imported

  • Task Importance from TntConnect currently does not import into MPDX.
  • Recurring Tasks from TntConnect is not currently supported in MPDX. However, the next instance of the task will import but no future Tasks will be created.


Campaigns in TntConnect are called Appeals in MPDX and though compatible, they are not identical.

  • MPDX focuses on importing TntConnect Campaign names, goals, associated contacts, and associated gifts. However, MPDX does not import any other information from TntConnect Campaigns.
Note: If there are entire campaigns or information about your campaigns is missing after import, please contact our support team at and they will assist you.