Preparing TntConnect For the Move

As you prepare your TNTConnect database for the move to MPDX, there 2 primary things to consider.

  1. Do I want to perform data cleanup in TnTConnect before MPDX?
  2. Do I want to do the cleanup after the import in MPDX?

You can “pack and ship” your TntConnect database as it is currently. However, if you decide to perform data cleanup on your database prior to the MPDX move, here are a few things to ease the transition:

  1. Tidy up your Saved Groups and User Fields (they become Tags in MPDX).
  2. Update any addresses that are out of sync with Cru’s Donation Services.
  3. Delete any email addresses and phone numbers that are no longer valid.

Tidy Up Saved Groups and User Fields in TntConnect

Saved Groups and User Fields in TNT allow you to label or group your contacts in more detail than the pre-existing fields, i.e. Christmas Newsletter or French Newsletter.

You can filter TNT contacts by Saved Groups by clicking the Look up this group button.

Note: The other options is to click on the Lookup menu and choose User Field:

Note: Both TNTConnect Saved Groups and User Field will become as Tags after import into MPDX.

Saved Groups will import like this: “Category-Group Name”, like this:

  • Other Newsletters-Canada Newsletter
  • Other Newsletters-Christmas Newsletter
  • Other Newsletters-French Newsletter
  • Other Newsletters-Prayer Blast

If you have renamed a field (i.e., from “User 1” to “Other Newsletters”), that field name will import as a separate Tag:

  • Other Newsletters
  • Other Newsletters-Canada Newsletter
  • Other Newsletters-Christmas Newsletter
  • Other Newsletters-French Newsletter
  • Other Newsletters-Prayer Blast

If you have the same data in multiple fields, OR if you have multiple sub-groups with the same name then it will only import as one Tag. See the examples below.

If the Value of two User Fields are the same (i.e., User 6 is ‘Other Newsletter Type’ while User 7 is ‘Preferred language’), MPDX would import these values as one Tag, French.

By contrast, if the names of User Field were labeled differently, then each would be imported as separate Tags.

MPDX would create these Tags for each contact:

  • Other Newsletter
  • Other Newsletter-French
  • Preferred Language
  • Preferred Language-French

Past or Expired Saved Groups and User Fields

If your TNTConnect database has past or expired groups or user fields (i.e. "2017 Christmas Ask"), you may want to remove them prior to import. This will significantly reduce clutter in MPDX.

Bold Orange Contact Info (unreviewed accounts)

In TntConnect, any addresses, phone numbers, or emails in bold orange indicate this data does not match the Cru Donation Services database (when it linked to their gift data). In most cases, the difference is just the spelling of a street name such as “Road” vs. “Rd.” or a postal code “84117” vs. “84117-1234”.

Note: TntConnect does not automatically accept Cru’s address when a new donor is downloaded, as you may have a more current address for the contacts in question.

To View or Update Bold Orange Contact Info

  • Click on the address, phone number, or email in bold orange.
  • A dialog box will open that allows you to either Accept (change) or Ignore (decline) the address, phone number or email listed.

To see ALL contacts with bold orange "unreviewed" status, select Lookup | Unreviewed Account Info.


Cleaning up all the Unreviewed Account Info prior to the import, will save you time and ensure you have the correct contact information for each partner. 

Note: If you have never performed the Unreviewed Account Info TntConnect function, then you may have dozens of partners with a bold orange status. This effort is helpful if, for example, you have donors who have moved and you are unaware.