Adding Donations Manually

Do Not Add Manually If...

You do not need add donations manually if your MPDX performs a sync. You will end up with duplicates.

Manual Donation Requirements

Locating the Partner Number
  1. Verify the contact has a Partner No. before you proceed to add the donation. 
    1. On the individual contact page, locate the Donations tab
    2. Below the bar graph and to the left is where the Partner No. is found

Adding a Partner Number

If a contact does not have a Partner No. you can add one by adding a Partner Account.

  • Click on the Details tab below the individual contact name.
  • On the right hand side, click on the blue Add Partner Account button.
  • Add a numeric value and MPDX will save it automatically under Partner Accounts.

Adding a Donation

  • From within the individual contact, click on the +Add button on the top right. 

Populating the Add Donation Fields

  • Fill in the Amount of the donation
  • Currency is determined by Settings | Preferences | Default Currency. Change this ONLY if the donation is a different monetary type.
  • Select the Date the donation was given
  • Add the Partner Account and the Designation Account (2 different numbers). 
  • If applicable, you can Select Appeal, i.e. CSU 2018 to track that specific Appeal.
  • Add notes in the Memo field
  • Verify that everything is accurate and click Save

Note: if the donor's name does not appear when you try to add a Partner or Designation Account, it usually means a Partner No. still needs to be created for the donor in question.