Merge Contacts and Merge People

When you Merge Contacts, you are joining an entire contact record with another. However, to Merge People means joining individuals within a contact.

Merging contacts or merging people can be done from the Tools dropdown menu.

Tools: Merging Contacts or People 

From the Tools dropdown menu, scroll down to find Merge Contacts or Merge People. Any Fix Tool highlighted in gold means there are possible duplicates that need to be merged.

  • Click on Merge Contacts. NOTE: If there are no duplicates available, make sure the names of two contacts are identical and refresh the page to try again.
  • Click on the Arrow (left or right) to highlight the "winner" aka Use This One.
  • Click on the X if you would like to leave two separate contact records, keeping bot.
  • Click Confirm and Continue for merging multiple contacts.
  • Or click Confirm and Leave to exit merge contacts.

Note: You should regularly check for duplicate contacts or people, especially after each import.

Contacts Menu: Merging Contacts

From the Contacts page, duplicate contacts can be merged.

  • Click to Select the the Contacts you want to merge (highlighted in light blue). 
    • Note the # Selected, i.e. 2 Selected, next to the Select drop down button.\
  • Then click on the Merge button.

  • Another Merge Contacts window appears, asking you confirm your choice. 
  • Choose the "winner" of these contacts and then click Save to complete the merge.
Note: This action cannot be undone!

Merging People 

Within a contact are you can Merge People duplicates.

  • From the Contacts page, click on the Contact Name in question.

  • Within the selected contact, scroll down and click on the People tab.
  • Then click on the Merge People button.

  • Click on all Duplicate People (highlighted in gray).
  • The click on Merge Selected People.

  • Click the Radio Button to the left of the Winner and then click Save

Note: Any phone numbers, emails, or other personal data will be copied into person who you selected to be the winner.