MPDX Quick Reference Guide: Tasks

The Tasks Tab

To display a specific group of tasks you can:

  • Visit the Tasks Tab and click the expandable Filters Menu
  • You can search by…
    • Current or Historic Tasks
    • Tags
    • Previously Saved Filters
    • Task Action
  • To see a menu, expand the dropdown and click to make your selection

Click the Add Task button to create a single task.Click on the Log Task button to log a single, completed task.You can select multiple tasks at a time by holding down the command button while you click to select individual tasks. When a Task is selected the space behind it will appear gray, and the checkbox to the left of the box will have a checkmark. Click again to deselect a task.
Click the Actions button for the dropdown menu and choose between the options: Complete Tasks, Edit Tasks, Add Tags, Remove Tag(s), and Delete Tasks.
Click on the Star icon to make those tasks a Priority (starred).
Click on the Chat icon to add Comments to a task. Click Add Comment and type, then Edit, or Delete until you are Done.

Click the Trash icon to delete a single task.

Adding a Task 

  • Fill out Task Name i.e. “for Appointment” and select an Action, i.e. Email.
  • Select a Due Date and Time and then add Contacts, if applicable.
    • To Add a Time, use the clock to choose an hour, minute, and whether or not the time is AM or PM
  • Add any applicable Tags
  • Set the Notifications in minutes or hours before the due date and time.
  • Finally, add any applicable Comment(s) and click the Save button.