The Gift Details Filter

The Gift Details Filter

In MPDX it possible to filter your contacts and create a list of people who have made donations within a certain timeframe. 

Under the Contacts tab, search for the filter category "Gift Details."

You will see several available filters to narrow your search including Gift Options, Exact Gift Amount, Gift Amount Range, Gift Date, Next Ask, and Designation Account.

For a general search, under Gift Options and Exact Gift Amount, both options read "Select Some Options," but an entry is NOT required to run a search.

 To set a gift date within a specific date range, scroll directly to the Gift Date box and click. 

A pop-up box with a calendar view will appear. To set a Custom Range follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the first range (from) in the left calendar. Use the menu arrows to choose a month, then year. 
Step 2: Click on a specific start date within the left calendar. (For this example, I used March 1, 2021)
Step 3: Enter the second range (to) in the right calendar. Use the menu arrows to choose a month, then year.
Step 4: Click on a specific end date within the right calendar. (For this example, I used July 31st, 2021)
Step 5: You will see the date range at the bottom of the screen. When this is correct, click "Filter" to filter your contacts.

Following the order outlined above should result in a contact list of those who gave donations in the set range. 

After selecting a date range, you will need to reset all filters or refresh the page to enter a new date range.