MPDX Data Sync Rules for Cru Staff

MPDX syncs daily with 2 different Cru donation systems (Siebel for US donations, Netsuite for non-US donations) to receive the following data:

  • Donation Data - which includes donation amount, date given, payment method
  • Partner Data - which includes names, mailing addresses, emails, phone numbers

The heart behind this automated sync, especially with ministry partner data, is to provide you as Cru staff with all possible contact information for your partners so you can keep them up to date with your ministry and cultivate a strong relationship with them.

When partner data like phone numbers and emails sync from the donation systems to MPDX, we need to “lock down” that data so it cannot be changed. The reason for this is that the code behind the sync is looking for matches in the data within MPDX. 

  • If MPDX finds a phone number, email, name or mailing address that matches the one coming from the donation system, it will not add it to MPDX.
  • If we allowed you as staff to edit data previously synced from the donation system, those “old” emails and phone numbers from the donation system would be added back into MPDX every time a sync happened, thus overwriting your changes (INCLUDING THE PHONE AND EMAIL TYPE FIELDS).

We originally allowed data synced from the donation systems to be edited, and received a lot of negative feedback from staff about all the “old phone/email data reappearing” in MPDX. So we reset the data sync to the way it is now as described above. 

We realize this reset causes some heartache because now data you enter in MPDX yourself could in the future get locked down if the same data is entered in the source donation system.  But we believe this is better than having old data reappearing in your list of emails and phone numbers for a partner.

The process for updating partner data is:

Step One: Mark old, locked down data as ‘Invalid’

Invalid data (that is synced) will then be hidden when you view the list of emails and phone numbers for a partner (but they will show if you go to the edit view of emails and phone numbers so you don’t accidentally add duplicate data)

Step Two: Enter the new data, marking it as ‘Primary’

The primary data will always be at the top of the list of emails and phone numbers for a partner, and is indicated by a green checkmark by that phone number or email address.