MPDX Quick Reference Guide


  • Displayed at the top are Commitments, Monthly Goal, and Monthly Average amounts.
  • The Monthly Bar Graph gives you Monthly Totals for the fiscal year from the current month.
  • Hover your mouse over any Monthly Gold Bar and view a monthly total.

Connect, Commitment Unfulfilled, and Care

Under the Bar Graph are quick links to:

  • Tasks, Commitments Unfulfilled, Birthdays/Anniversaries, and Newsletter status.

Dashboard: Connect
  • Click on any of the Task Links to manage tasks that are due today or overdue.
  • Click the Add a New Task button to create one from the dashboard.

Dashboard: Commitments Unfulfilled

Click on any of the Commitment Links to view a list of contacts whose giving status is 30, 60, or 90 days late.

Dashboard: Care
  • Weekly birthdays and anniversaries will displayed in this Care box.
  • Click on the Actions button to Log Newsletter, Export Email, or Export Physical (prayer letter).


To display a specific group of tasks you can:

  • Click on a Task Status or use Task Filter.

Click the Add Task button to create a single task.

Click on the Log Task button to log a single completed task.

You can Select All Tasks to perform global edits on the tasks listed.

Click the Actions button to Complete Tasks, Edit Tasks, Add Tags, Remove Tags, and Delete Tasks.

Click on the Star icon to make those tasks a Priority (starred).

Click on the Speech Bubble icon to add Comments to a task.

Select a Single Task (blue checkbox) and then click the Trash icon to delete it.

Adding a Task

  • Fill out Task Name and select an Action, i.e. Newsletter - Email.
  • Select a Due Date and Time and then add Contacts, if applicable.
  • Add any applicable Tags, i.e., 2018 Appeal.
  • Set the Notify Me in minutes or hours before the due date and time.
  • Finally, add any applicable Comments and click the Save button.

Log Newsletter

  • Fill out the Subject, i.e., July 2018 Prayer Letter.
  • Click on an Action, i.e., Newsletter - Physical.
  • Select a Completed On date and time (when the newsletter was sent out).
  • Add any Comments, i.e., Asked for Increase.


  • Displayed at the top are Commitments, Monthly Goal, and Monthly Average.
  • Below the progress bar, is the Multi-Currency Legend.
  • There is also a Bar Graph of the fiscal year, from the current month.
  • Click on any Monthly Gold Bar to see a total.

Current Monthly Report

  • Under the Donations section, is the current month's activity, i.e., August 2018.
  • Each Contact Name is a hyperlink to that specific contact.

  • Click on the Previous Month or Next Month buttons for other monthly reports.
  • Click on the Paper/Pen icon to edit a donation.

Scroll to the bottom of Donations to see the total given for the month.

14-Month Report

  • Contributions By Salary Currency, i.e., USD is listed by fiscal year from the current month.
  • Click Expand Partner Info for more details.
  • Click on Export CSV for a spreadsheet report

Expected Monthly Total

The Donations So Far This Month and the Monthly Totals So Far (Current Month).

Scroll down to see Possible Partners This Month and an Estimated Total.


Click on Contacts and type the last name in the Search Contacts box.

Choose Select All Contacts to edit contacts in bulk.

Applying Filters and Tags

Apply a Filter of Status, i.e., Partner - Financial for a list of current donors.

Or apply a Contact Location, City filter for a list of donors in that area.

Click on the Reset Filters button to start over or Save Filters to save multiple applied filters.

Click on one or more Tags to filter on all the contacts with that tag(s).

Contacts: Individuals

Click on a Contact Name to view and edit their individual record.

Editing Individuals

  • If you clicked on the Edit link on a donor name, you will see Contact Info by default.
  • Verify or edit Phone Numbers and select a Primary or mark Invalid, if applicable.
  • Verify or edit Email Addresses and select a Primary or mark Invalid, if applicable.

  • Verify or edit the Title, First Name, and Last Name of this person.
  • Verify or edit the Legal First Name, Gender, Birthday and Anniversary information.
  • Click the Deceased checkbox, if applicable.

Social Connections

Add links for a contact's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and a Website.

Relationships & Work
  • You can select or change a Relationship Status, i.e., Married.
  • Add a Relationship like a spouse or child.
  • Fill in the Occupation and Employer which displays on the People Card.


Click the Settings button to view or edit: Preferences, Notifications, Import Contacts, Connect Services, and Manage Accounts.


  • The top section is your MPDX Personal Preferences.
  • Make sure the Time Zone is set to where you live.
  • Language and Locale will affect things like phone numbers, postal codes, and currency.
  • Default Account should be your primary organization staff account.

Account Preferences

  • The Account Name can be modified to something simpler like Peter Parker.
  • The Monthly Goal should be set to what your organization has recommended.
  • Your Home Country should be set to where you live.
  • Your Default Currency is critical to accurate donation amounts, totals, and reports. 


  • Under Notifications are partner In App, Email and Task notifications (scroll down for more options).
  • In the Email column, check any option to receive an email notification.
  • Scroll down and click "Save." You can change your notification settings at any time.

Connect Services

  • Connect Google to MPDX, i.e., or to track MPDX activity on the go.

  • Make sure to set your Organization to the correct ministry.

External Services

Connect MailChimp, PrayerLetters or ChalkLine to populate emails lists from your MPDX Contacts.

Note: MPDX will redirect you to your MailChimp, PrayerLetters or ChalkLine login screen.

Manage Accounts

  • Manage Account Access – add an email address to grant access to your MPDX account (use wisely).
  • Merge Your Accounts – to merge multiple personal ministry accounts into one.
  • Merge Spouse Accounts – if separate, add your spouse’s personal ministry account to yours.