MPDX and MailChimp

When you connect MPDX to MailChimp, MPDX syncs your contacts to whatever MailChimp list you choose. We recommend that you create a new list specifically for MPDX and let MPDX manage the subscribers on that list.

This allows you to keep your email newsletter list from MPDX in MailChimp. From there, MailChimp can help you create engaging Email newsletters, track who opens your newsletters and how often, and even who's emails are no longer valid, and if someone unsubscribes from your list. If you need to learn how to use MailChimp, then they have good support documentation and here is a place where you might want to start : Getting Started with MailChimp.

Setup Connect Service to MailChimp

You can read about the MailChimp  Connect Services in the section about MailChimp. You can setup the connection in Settings / Connect Services / MailChimp.

How the Sync Works

MPDX syncs all contacts who are marked as Newsletter-Email or Newsletter-Both to your selected list in MailChimp. If an individual person within a contact in MPDX is also marked as "Opted Out of Email Newsletter" we will not include them in the sync.

MPDX will only sync contacts FROM MPDX TO MailChimp. If you have contacts in MailChimp you want to have in MPDX, you will need to either input them manually in MPDX, or export your list as a CSV and import them into MPDX. You can find more articles on how to use the MPDX CSV import tool here on our help site.

If sometime in the future, you change someones newsletter status in MPDX from Email or Both to Physical or None, MPDX will mark all people within that contact as Unsubscribed by Admin in MailChimp. If this happens, MPDX will now add a note to the contact in MailChimp explaining why it was unsubscribed. You can find that by going to that list in MailChimp, finding that contact, clicking their email, then looking at their notes there. If this happens, go and check their newsletter status in MPDX to make sure it is email or both. Once you change it in MPDX, it should resubscribe them in MailChimp.

Also, if at some point you decide to start syncing your newsletter list to a different list in MailChimp, we will export your current newsletter list to the new list. If that list already has contacts in it, MPDX will just add the MPDX contacts to that new list. We will not, however, sync any contacts from MailChimp to MPDX. If a contact in MPDX already exists in MailChimp, we will not add a duplicate contact.

Unsubscribes and MPDX

MailChimp only updates contacts within MPDX if that contact unsubscribes themselves from your newsletter list. In that case, MPDX will mark that specific person as "Opted out of Email Newsletter." If all people within a contact unsubscribe themselves, then we will change that whole contacts newsletter status from either Both to Physical, or from Email to None.

If you believe they have been unsubscribed in error, you can re-subscribe them in MailChimp on their profile under the "Actions" dropdown:

If "Subscribe" is not shown there they have unsubscribed manually and must be resubscribed through a double-opt-in signup form.

Either way, the activity portion of their profile should show the reason for the unsubscribe. For example:

Changes in MailChimp

If you need to update a contacts email address, make sure to do it in MPDX. If you update a contact in MailChimp, that information will NOT sync back to MPDX. If you update a contact in MPDX, however, it WILL update that contact in MailChimp. Remember, the sync believes that MPDX is the source of truth for your newsletter list.

Additionally, if you add people in MailChimp, MPDX will NOT automatically create a new contact in MPDX. You will need to also create them manually in MPDX, or export your MailChimp list to import into MPDX.

Fields sent to MailChimp

Here is the list of fields sent from MPDX to MailChimp.
[Email Address], [First Name], [Last Name], [Partner Status], [Tags (max of 46)], [Greeting]