Fixing Your Data

MPDX will notify you to fix your data via the Notification Bell highlighted in gold, on the top right.

  • Click on the Notification Bell to navigate to the Tools page.

Tools: Fixing Your Data

  • Any Fix Category requiring attention will be highlighted in a gold box with a number.
Note: These Fix Notifications are typically generated after a data import.

Fix Commitment Info

  • Click on the Fix Commitment Info gold box.

  • Under the contact name is the Current Commitment Status.
  • Click Don't Change to keep the current status.
  • Below the current status, is the Last Gift Date to assist you in making the best selection.
  • In the middle is the Suggested Commitment Status dropdown, i.e. Partner - Special.
  • Click Confirm to update the status.
  • Click the View (spyglass) to view the contact details.
  • Click Hide (line through the eye) to hide the contact from the active list view.

Fix Phone Numbers

  • Click on the Fix Phone Numbers gold box. 

  • Select a Primary phone number by clicking on the black dot next to the correct option.
  • Click on the Confirm button to save changes.
  • Scroll down the page to repeat this process for each person listed.

  • Click the Trash icon to delete any invalid phone numbers.
  • Click Confirm to save the changes.

Fix Email Addresses

  • Click on the Fix Email Addresses gold box.

  • Click Confirm to keep the Primary email address.
  • Click the Trash icon to delete any addresses that are invalid.
  • Click the +Plus icon to add a new email address.
  • Repeat this process for each individual listed.
Note: MPDX syncs with MailChimp as you send out email prayer letters.  Each tool will inform you of where the differing pieces of information came in from, and allow you to choose which information you want to have as the primary.  If you have two addresses set to primary, MPDX will ask you to choose only one primary address for that contact.

Fix Mailing Addresses

  • Click on Fix Mailing Addresses gold box.

  • Click the Trash icon to delete any addresses that are invalid.
  • Click the +Plus icon to add a new mailing address.
  • Click the Primary Star icon next to the correct address, and then click Confirm button.
  • Repeat this process for each contact listed.

Fix Send Newsletter

Click on the Fix Send Newsletter gold box.

  • Primary Star icon indicates the primary mailing address and primary email address.
  • Verify or change the Send Newsletter Status by clicking on it.
  • Click Confirm the button to save the changes.

Fixing Merge People

  • Click on the Merge People gold box.

  • Click on the Merge To Name (Use This One).

  • Click on the Confirm and Continue or Confirm and Leave to complete the merge.

Note; The Merge People tool is used for combing individuals with the same name. 

Merge Contacts

  • Click the Merge Contacts gold box.

  • Click on the Merge to Name (Use This One).

  • Click on the Confirm and Continue or Confirm and Leave to complete the merge.

Note: The Merge Contacts tool is for combining individuals in a household, i.e., husband and wife.