Welcome to Dashboard

Dashboard Bar Graph

The MPDX Bar Graph gives you Monthly Totals, from the current month, for the fiscal year.

  • CommitmentsMonthly Goal, and Monthly Average numbers are displayed above the bar graph.
  • Click on the Legend to view a specific currency type .
  • Hover your mouse over any Giving Activity Bar for total gifts given for that month.
  • The Bar Graph displays Multiple Currencies and each currency is displayed in a different color. 
  • Within the bar graphs are colored lines representing Recurring Gift Goal (light blue), Monthly Average (black), and Commitments Made (dark blue).

  • Click on any Monthly Giving Bar (above) to see a Report of all the gifts for that month.

Connect, Commitments Unfulfilled, and Care

Beneath the bar graph, are following boxes with quick links.

  • Connect - for overdue or upcoming tasks. 
  • Commitments Unfilled - gifts not received that are, 30, 60, and 90 days late.
  • Care - Birthdays and Anniversaries and recent Newsletter activity.


  • Click on Add a New Task button to create a task from your dashboard.
  • Click on each Task Link to view those specific tasks.

Commitments Unfulfilled

  • Click each blue link to see a list of contacts from whom:
  • You have had first gift not received, i.e. 6 first gifts.
  • Partners 0-30 days late. 
  • Partners 60 days late.
  • Partners 90 days late or more, i.e. 7 partners.


  • Displays the contact who have birthdays or anniversaries this week.
  • Click the Actions button to perform these tasks:
    • Log Newsletter
    • Export Email (prayer letter)
    • Export Physical (prayer letter)
  • MPDX keeps track of when each email or physical Newsletters were sent out to those contacts.

Follow these detailed instructions on:  Mail Merge: Letters, Labels, and Envelopes to send out physical or email newsletters.

Log Newsletter, Export Email, Export Physical

Once you've clicked on the Actions button, you can perform these newsletter functions: Log Newsletter, Export Email, and Export Physical.

Log a Newsletter

  • Select Log Newsletter to log a newsletter you've already sent out.
  • Fill out the Subject and select an Action, i.e. Newsletter - Physical.
  • Below Completed On, click the box next to the calendar icon to select a date and repeat for the time
  • Add a Comment for this specific newsletter (optional).

Note, if you sync with MailChimp and set it to log your newsletters, MailChimp will automatically log your email newsletters in MPDX. Learn more about MPDX  Connect Services - MailChimp.

Dashboard - Progress Categories

Each progress category gives you the current weekly activity. 

  • Click the Previous or Next buttons to see respective weekly activity.
  • Contacts Box - displays amount of contacts that are Active, the Referrals on Hand, and new contacts Gained. Contacts considered Active in this box are all contacts with a status of “Never Contacted” or “Contact for Appointment.” 
  • Appointments Box - displays the number of task Appointments Completed.
  • Correspondence Box - displays the number of Pre-call, Support, Thank You, and Reminder tasks completed.

  • Phone Calls - displays the number of Ongoing, Talked To, Appts Produced, Completed, Attempted, and Received current weekly tasks.
  • Electronic Messages - displays the Sent, Received, Appts Produced, Email, Facebook, and Text Message current weekly tasks.
  • Primary Appeal - the currently weekly progress of a current Primary Appeal.

Note: The MPD Week starts Sunday morning and ends Saturday night.