Adding Your Google Account

To sync MPDX with your Google account, begin by going to Settings: Connect Services: Google.  Type in your google account, and click Add Account.

This will connect MPDX to your Google account, but it doesn't automatically set up both of the options: Calendar, and Gmail.  You have to click EDIT  (above, number 6) in order to set up one, two, or all three of these things in your MPDX account.

Once you click Edit on your google sync, you can choose whether you want to sync your Calendar, and/or Gmail.

For Calendar integration, you tell MPDX what tasks you would like to appear in your Google calendar.  MPDX will push your tasks into your Google calendar to remind you of upcoming MPD tasks.  You choose which tasks you would like MPDX to tell Google calendar about.

For Gmail integration, MPDX will log emails exchanged with your contacts in MPDX.

From then on, MPDX will sync with your Gmail periodically. What you will notice is that the emails you send to ministry partners who have their email address entered into MPDX from Google will automatically come right into their completed tasks.

You can then click on the little bubble and it will even display the email right in MPDX and allow you to add comments.

The green dot shows that the setup is active.